The Rune

Elena Quinones with her ashes in her Driver's License picture.

Claim to Twitter Fame

March 10, 2017

Service Hours Deadlines

Service Hours Deadlines

December 1, 2016

Open House Promotional Video #3

Christian Davis, Katie Priest, Elizabeth Carrigan, and Maggie Doheny

December 1, 2016

This video was created to promote Sacred Heart's 2016 Open House. It focuses on the theme "It starts with Heart."

Reports of clowns terrorizing the country reaches Kentucky. | Photo by ☆eight☆; CC BY-NC 2.0

Not Clowning Around

October 7, 2016

SHA girls decorating doors during Valkyrie Week.

SHA Celebrates Valkyrie Week

September 29, 2016

SHA students raise awareness for eating disorders.

Confidence is Key

September 12, 2016

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