Senior Wills 2018


Shelby Arnett and Maggie Doheny, Staff Reporters

As Sacred Heart Graduation grows near, over 40 seniors look back at the memories made at SHA throughout the past four years and leave their legacies behind to the underclassmen.

Sacred Heart Academy Class of 2018.

Taylor McQueen

I will to the underclassmen my SHA spirit at pep rallies and games.

Lucy Hubbs

To Olivia Ochsner, I will all of my Goldfish and ALL of my love! I will my calculator, car rides to Chick-fil-a, all of my binders, and my after school kids to Ella Hubbs. To Tori Hill and Emery Karem, I will you both my Open House walkie talkie and the great honor of being OHCCs. Make me proud!! To Julia Jardina, I will my ability to put on a practice penny correctly the first time. To Catherine Patton, I will my captain band and endless “stick-fives”. To Lily Terrell, I will trips to Graeters and loud pregames/pump-up sessions in the locker room. Thanks for being the best lax buddy :).

Ashley Arnett

I will Eliza Burnett the leadership of Sacred Heart theatre, madrigals, continuing all of the fun traditions, ice cream dates, making everyone laugh, Darling State of Mind, my dog Jackson, and a love for SHA. I will Annie Nall my organizational skills, being the sweetest person ever, helping Mrs. Schurman, and dates to Drake’s (you too, Eliza). I will Mary Grace Kelty lots of hugs, coffee, and the benefit of being able to visit me next year!! I will Gabbi Guerrero and Alex Ann Heim IB Music..good luck, and drink lots of water. I will Leah Goldberg Please and Thank You chocolate chip cookies and lemonade. I will SHA musical theatre ‘Footloose,’ ‘New Rules’ and ‘Come on Eileen’ dancing. To Mary Klarer Fultz, I will no stress and to have fun- it is worth the memories in the end (school is important, too). To Emily Hilbrecht, I will GSA musical theatre. To Molly Muennich and Elyse Shackleton I will winning more marketing competitions… and money. I will Allison Portaro hot chocolate at the hershey’s Store in NYC, you’ll be back your senior year. I will Sacred Heart all of my memories!!

Anna Brodzik

I will my love for service to all the members of CAC, especially Margaret Cunningham, make me proud next year and in all of your life endeavors. I will all my love for Student Council to those who come after me, trust me, its worth it & will give you the best sisters you could ever ask for:). I will my morning worship car rides and those AWFUL Saratoga Woods speed bumps to Megan Doyle, good luck in the next 3 years, smile big & don’t wish away a single second because it’ll be over before you know it!

Sophie Kallis

To Olivia Bates, Sophie Rowley and Margaret Glaser I give my mad prop making skills for SHA tech and my classic jokes. God speed kiddos.

Shelby Arnett

I will the relay baton, my wooden steering wheel, and breakfast dates to Lilly Mishloney. I will a lifetime of camaraderie, mountains and valleys, a plane trip to Portland, and all my love to my seven cross country juniors. I will my school spirit and Valkyrie Pride to Elaina Parker and Eliza Burnett. I will Royal’s Hot Chicken and endless compliments to Leah Goldberg. I will all of Sacred Heart Academy my best memories. Thank you for an amazing experience!

Maggie Mitchell

To Emmie Jackson, Kendall Knight, Katie Beckman, Meredith Barnes, Ceci McCombs, Lillian Bennett, and Ella Rueff I will the ‘beach’ and xc fight nights.

Hannah Wehr

To Josie Wise and Kelsie Downs, I will to you my undying SHA spirit, because I need someone to keep the legacy alive #COACH. I will to you, Josie, many free-spirited, purely happy memories your senior year, because that is what I am reminded of when I look back on our memories. To you, Kelsie, I will many cackle laughs and random screams because that’s what life is about (please don’t forget our handshake. I want to do it when I come home). To Morgan Wagner, I will to you all of the car jams I would participate in if I wasn’t at college. Many firefox chats, because she needs a visit from you at least once a week. I will to you many dance parties, but please only save the good awkward dance moves for when I come home.

Bella Estes

To field hockey underclassmen, I will you gauntlets, 20/40s, and the best season SHA field hockey has ever seen!!! To Eleanor Hinkebein and Taylor Whitlock, I will you the fun times being a field hockey buddy and an IB buddy, I love you all endlessly! To Miranda Stengel, I will you a fun (physics-free) senior year full of many laughs and memorable times! To Mary Grace Kelty, I will you everything great about senior year! I will you the ability to surround yourself with people who love and support you, because you are the best! I also will you my love for Centre so hopefully we can go to school together again ;)!! To the IB juniors, I will the ups and downs of IB, as it will truly pay off in the end. Always remember you are capable and the medal is near! Finally, to all underclassmen, I will you all my love and the best 4 years ever!

JonMarie Johnson

To Maddie Wilcox, I will my senior sweatshirt, spirit week costumes, and my LBYE tracksuit so you can be dressed for any occasion. I will my SERBA spot on the bus, and grant you permission to be in charge of the bagel bungalow. I will you the FRIDAY CHEER!!!!!!!! To Mary Grace Kelty, I will you my GSA spirit!!! Have the best time, and represent each and every dancer! To every transfer student, cherish each and every moment you have at SHA because it will be over before you know it. Transferring to Sacred Heart changed my life, and I will forever be thankful for all of the amazing friends and memories.

Zoe Hert

To Ashlyn Vale, I will stage manager of dirt crew, theatre rigging, and ensuing ripped pants. I will the ability to find an underclassmen tech as kind as you were to me, aside from the sleeve fights. To Elizabeth Gannon, I will minimal stress on your EE with Ms. Caruso and continued interest in your topic. You are a fantastic IB student and will succeed! To Olivia Bates and Sophie Rowley, I will you a list of fictional foils that you remind me of. I also will the ability to pretend to be annoyed at “that’s what she said” jokes. To Margaret Glaser, I will you stage crew fun and the strength to lift those sets despite the frustration. To April Dong, I will Francis Center tutoring and our mutual frustrations with Rosemary. To the freshman robotics team, I will the drive to succeed and have fun while doing it! I also will teamwork as you all working together will lead to a fantastic robot. To the full IB juniors, I will the stamina, time management, and passion to get that medal with continued excitement for learning. To Kate McLarney, I will the laughter and skills to make it to the end of IB. You are so capable of crushing it! I will the shotgun seat of your car, an enlightening GSP, the candles of NHS, the peanuts and M&M’s of robotics, our emotional carpool chats, VEX robotics on the whole, Meet the Robinsons, and a great future IB buddy.

Rosemary Dong

To April Dong, I leave Jordie Horan’s message, endless c-dramas, 5:52AM alarms, non-existent hot pot dinners, “the” glasses, Tacos Lucy, and our 1 hour commute to school filled with either a) us jamming b) you sleeping c) mutual, comfortable silence. To Margaret Glaser, I will you our post-it chain message. I wish you the best in gov and theater. Don’t let the bear get to you and the techies ;). To Eliza Kelly, I will you my mom-itude and daily high fives. Take naps, drink H2O, don’t set a record # of injuries, and have fun! To Ashlyn Vale, I leave you 1 damaged fingernail and 1 healthy fingernail for rope pulling and vball. You’ll be an amazing (non-official) stage manager :).

Camryn Thieneman

To Carly, I will you the passenger seat in my car for river road drives and a large mcdonalds coke (regular for me diet for you). I’m gonna miss you so much next year!!! Play our songs in the car for me when I’m gone…. you know the songs. Love you sister!!!

Elizabeth Heuser

I will Meredith Barnes, Kate Harty, and Megan Osting the IB experience, have fun and don’t stress out too much. I will Julia Jardina and Anna Moorman the task of finding freshmen to adopt like I adopted y’all, make sure to barge into Craig’s classes for me!! I will Eliza Moorman screaming our car songs. I will Eleanor Hinkebein and the future OHCCs the ambassador program, take care of it because it’s the very best!! I will Mary Grace Kelty, Katie Beckman, and Miranda Stengel the distractions in class, sorry I got y’all in trouble so often! I will Gracie Estes, Lily Gahm, and Caroline Sheehan my love for open house so keep making it the best day of the year (and make sure everyone knows you’re obsessed with it… that means doing my whoop at meetings whenever open house is mentioned). I will Ella Hubbs a McDonalds Diet Coke. To Lucie Potter and Allison Portaro I will my attendance to your shows, still there in spirit! And finally I will my seester Meredith Barnes the responsibility of being the biggest distraction in class ever and my entire legacy so please don’t mess it up because I’m trusting you. And also the love yourself accept yourself dance and popsicles. Everyone else (including all of my sophomore retreat babies): I will you the best high school ever!! Live it up because there is no place like SHA. To Craig I leave nothing because he’s literally my dad and I’ll still see him.

Grace Jung

To my carpool (Emily White, Julia Horlander, and Sophie Jung), I will you all the aux and all the crazy loud rides. Emily please keep all limbs in the car and remember to play a country song for me (Gwace) and a hard core rap one for Liz. Get canes every time you want it because why not? High school doesn’t last forever. To Sloane Rockwell and Mary Helen Hill, I will you guys the Blue Dog apple and turkey sandwich. There is nothing like it so embrace it and senior year because it will fly by. Always say yes, you never know where it will lead. To my lax bench buddies (Sloane Rockwell and Lily Clay Wedge) I will you all the sideline workouts. It really is a great way to utilize your time and make lax more enjoyable, don’t let it die. To my junior laxers (KC, CPat, Bouroughs, Sloane) I will you all a victory royale in fortnite. Go get em. To Sydney Heitmann I will you my siblings. Please don’t let them kill each other. You are an awesome therapist so I have full faith you’ll live up to the job. Finally to my sister, Sophie Jung, I will you our last name and tardies. I worked hard to not to mess it up so please don’t. Enjoy the rest of high school and don’t worry about what people think about you because I promise they are thinking more about themselves. Try and get to school on time, but  sleep is more important than punctuality so just space the tardies out.

Caroline Washle

I will my superb golf skills to Emily Warner.

Grace Fischer

I will my seat in Mrs. Schurman’s room at the table to all if the Music Theory girls moving onto IB Music next year. I will my seat at our lunch table to Carol Schmidt. I will my part as a Soprano 2 to the underclassmen of A Capella.

Kiley Polk

I will Cam and Cara my entire life. Make me proud.

Emily Richardson

To Amanda Isaacs: The legacy of THS theatre. You’re a boss, babe! To AP GOV: Our class song, hundreds of distressed Derrick pics, a daily Starbucks, and all my love to each and every one of you beautiful weirdos.

Olivia Watson

To Audrey Watson I will you complete control of the heat/AC in the mornings, the carriage house with your friends, the clothes I leave behind, and so so much happiness for your next three years at SHA :).

Tyece Shelton

Lucie Potter- please rule over SHA theater with love and drama. I will miss you twin. Hannah Thompson- YOU TOO HANNAH. I’m so proud of you. Gabbi- I will miss you more than words can say. You are incredibly talented and will go so far. Please do SHA theater. I’m glad we found out we’re the same person this year. Love you mini me. Rat baby- I have loved being your rat mamma these years :(.

Nicole English

I will the number 6 locker in the locker room to only Lily Thornewill.

Katie Muldoon

To Ally Deweese and Liz Ginter- I leave you an endless amount of Starbucks trips and all of the carpool laughs and love. To Anna Laveck- I leave you all of the outfits you could ever want to borrow and a whole lot of mems. To the SHA LAX team- I leave all of our locker room concerts and all of my best LAX memories.  To all underclassmen- please take good care of SHA for us. Don’t take anyone or anything about it for granted.

Drayden Zaring

Kelly Claire Gray, I leave you with the opportunity to come visit me and Uncle Mike. Claire Mulloy, I wish I could give you the world, I would if I could, I love you! Ashley Owen, I miss your sweet smile already, anything you want it’s all yours!!

Madelynn Hall

I will the Aqua-Valks yet another state championship and to keep our spirit and themes super fun. To every girl lucky enough to still be at SHA, I will you the best next couple of years of your life. Don’t wish it away and become a part of the heart!

Lexi Hernandez

I will my weirdest to Emery Karem. Keep being yourself and always make people smile. Take advantage of the time you have and enjoy it all. I will my swimming career to Isabel Wagner. Swim fast and be the MVP of the Blairwood group… I believe in you and enjoy every second of it (if you even show up;)) much love.

Natalie Fichter

To my sister, Nicole, I will the left corner of the locker room, Chick- Fil- A for breakfast, the car dies with mom and dad to school and the after school talks with Mrs. Lawson. Never forget how pretty you are and how talented and smart you are sis. To Kaelin Gregory, aka, suga, I will to you to take care of nicole and be the big sister role for me and to keep killing it at softball. And to all the underclassmen, have fun and do not take anything for granted because your time here at SHA goes by so quick. -XOXO

Emily Raque

To Maria Julian I will the JCC. Remember that, even though Mr. G thinks he knows everything, YOU’RE the boss. Embrace the dirt and your tech family, cause they will always be there for you. Keep Gerry company, cause I know he’ll miss us. Also, remember that the playground is a Holy Place, and only those who are worthy (the techies) are allowed to play on it. Keep an eye on Sophie and Olivia cause they’re trouble makers lol, and take care of the JCC. To Margaret Cunningham I will the IB art + diploma struggle. Good luck dude. It’s gonna be rough, but I honestly have no doubt that you’ll do wonderfully. Work hard and try to stay positive (even though it’s basically impossible :/). If you’re ever upset just imagine yourself at SLU and it’ll feel better. Also, hurry up and get to SLU so we can hang out. To Elizabeth DeLozier I will all the happiness in the world. Never lose your sense of joy and optimism, because you are truly a ray of sunshine. Anyone who is lucky enough to spend time with you knows that your smile and your yellow pants can light up even the darkest of times. Keep shining through IB, and good luck with all of your endeavors!

Elizabeth Solomon

To the Varsity Field Hockey Team, I will you a state championship and finally getting the schools tenth, dance parties in the parking lot, burpees, and the gauntlet. To the Student Council Exec Board, I will you endless amounts of school spirit and the ability to be the best leaders our school has had yet. Continue to make the best decisions you can and know you can never make everyone happy. To the future SAB President, I will you my amazing parking spot and the ability to make the school an even better place than it already is. To Taylor Whitlock, I will you way to much footwork and not letting a single ball in our goal. Protect Horton Field and make me proud!! Lastly, I will my love for Sacred Heart to all those lucky enough to still be here!! It is a one of a kind place!! Keep the Heart Beating!!

Emily Stoll

I will to Megan C. Doyle daily locker chats, lots of hugs, and endless laughs. XOXO!!

Hayley Byrne

I will my attitude, whatever I leave in my closet, and my studies to Grace Byrne. I will my room, bed, and bathroom to Grace Byrne’s group of 11 friends for getting ready and sleepovers (take care of it).

Maggie Doheny

I will an amazing, happy, stress-free senior year to Lydia Schrage and Megan Mather. You all deserve countless laughs and to make great memories in your last year!! I’m so thankful for SHA dance just because I got to know you all, make fam proud! To all my other SHA girls, make the most out of your time here and enjoy every second. There’s no place like SHA and it will forever be in my heart, keep it beating for us <3.

Caroline Tafel

I entrust locker 2231 and late nights at the Chenoweth Heine Bros to my IB buddy Julie Ries. I bequeath the rights to ‘Ctaf’ (the superior nickname) to Cpat. I leave Anna Moorman my goalie shorts because you never know when you’re really going to need them. I bestow my spirit week legacy upon the entire SHA student body. Oh, and I will Eleanor Hinkebein my soul.

Jane Harris

I, Jane Harris, bequeath the following to my successors as I near the end of my time at SHA…To my QR girls– all the question sets that Staton bought us that went unused and the amazing taste of defeating St. X, you all make me proud. Allison– the sweet, sweet victory of winning QR matches as captain and the Varsity captain-ship when you become a senior, good luck! To my baby techies– much needed resilience during tech week when you’re being yelled at and the truth that you are all capable, talented, and amazing. To Ashlyn– the new Tech Salute (instead of a bow), all the luck in the world on your EE and exams, and those Swedish Fish I promise I WILL buy you. To DeLozier– a million cute lizards and the luck and laughs needed to survive choir without me next year. Finally, to Kate– you are my best friend (by birth and choice) and the most intelligent and capable person I know. I will you all of our jam sessions and tea pouring in the car on the way to school, our gracious sharing of the aux cord and TV remote, our movie nights & music taste, great success in your academic endeavors over the next couple years, and all of my life and soul. I am so proud of you. Underclassmen, you are all truly super cool and I know you will go on to do crazy, amazing, successful things in the future. ROCK ON!!!

Scarlett Kiaras-Attari

To Clarissa Worthington I will the endless love and community Y club has to offer. The Y has given me so much and I wish the same for you. Cherish every moment of it, it goes by quickly. To Lily Hoffman I will another family member at SHA to share these experiences with and to talk about all things SHA at Christmas. I’ve loved being able to relate to someone in the family about all these experiences. Enjoy the next few years, they’re some of the best! To Allison Portaro I will another carpool buddy to quick recall matches. Hopefully next year your ride won’t get a random flat tire! Love you and all of our laughs. To Kate Harris, I will you more Yangkee Noodle dates. I love and appreciate all of the times me you and jane spent at Yangkee Noodle on half days spilling tea. Enjoy the rest of high school! To IB Juniors I will the best IB family. I’ve met the best of friends best through the IB. Despite it’s stress, it’s worth it in the end. Good luck on exams! To my sister and cousin, Coco and Gracie, I will the best four years ever. I truly have had the best experiences through SHA. It’s given me the best of memories, opportunity and so much to be thankful for. I hope you both have the chance to love it as much as I do.

Kathleen Blim

To St. X Theatre chicas: I will carpool jams on the way to rehearsals, Heathers sing-a-longs, dressing room dance parties, and endless brownies. To present and future IB gals: I will you the courage to charge the mountain. Cherish your pearls, cherish each other, and celebrate each passing accomplishment. You can do it!!! To my lovely SHSA dance ensemble: I will you countless more hours in the studio, pointe shoes that never die, pre-show warmups & prayer, stamina to power through Snow, and the ability to form straight lines. To dearest MG Kelty and Gracie Carrigan: I will you Heine Brothers & Starbucks runs, car jam sessions before rehearsal, pre-show DJ-ing, the dressing room spot in the corner, and the passing of the senior ensemble leadership torch. Spread the love, and make us proud:) Dear Sacred Heart sisters: enjoy each other. Keep it fresh, and live the fourth!

Lauren Hoffman

To Shalleyball I will you countless trips to Applebee’s, pelting the freshmen with water balloons, and lit car rides to Valley. To Sam Merkley and Lexi Uhrhan I will you frozen parodies. To Skylar Singleton I will you the aux cord in the locker room (don’t let emily touch the aux). To Carissa Reyes I will you canes dates. To Mallory Lipski I will you my dance moves and dressing up as Brett for character day. To Kristen Clemons I will you my spot as libero. To the incoming senior class I will you my 105 in precal.

Payton Sims

I will the St. Xavier carpool to Elise Coughlan. I will St. X theatre to all my theatre babies. I will the parking spot to Annie Thompson. I will my sassiness to Emily Hilbrecht.

Jordie Horan

To Tessa Horan I leave my legacy of infamous hilarity that you won’t live up to but will remember forever because although you’re funny, everyone knows I’m funnier. I also leave you the responsibility to make sure this school NEVER forgets the Horan name. To April Dong I leave all my love because Rosemary doesn’t give you enough. I also leave you the responsibility to make fun of Garcia for me because there cannot be balance in the universe without some bad to combat the good. To Maria Julian (MJ) I leave all my leadership powers and responsibilities from light tech for you to foster a new generation of JCC and to continue the use of unnecessary Russian accents and the little blue guy. Good luck and remember you’re in charge ;). To Sophie Rowley and Olivia Bates collectively I leave a tiny voice in your head that greets you everyday and badgers you when you aren’t together. Maintain the foil! To Emma Jury I leave you behind because I want you to stop following me EVERYWHERE. To Mallory Lipski I leave the care of Staton because he needs his daily dose of human communication or he gets sad and drinks his Ale 8 alone in his class waiting for someone to hear his terrible jokes. I also leave you the wisdom and confidence to make the right college decision even though I have faith that whatever you do you’ll be absolutely fine.

Ryan Bender

I will to Taylor Edlin the Sacred Heart golf team, my big bows, the senior’s seat in the back row of the van, and my pre-round hype playlist. I will to Jacqueline Steier the aux for car rides and practices and the responsibility of calming Taylor down. I will to Emily Warner the HCC range, my UK obsession, and all of the gluten free food in the snack bags.

Cassidy Beyer

I will the junior dancers the SHA dance candle and the powers of being a leader of the team. Lead the underclass man but do not over powering. I will the SHA dance team the many 1st place trophies and national jackets that you all deserve to win. I will to Katarina Beyer and Layni Lawton the morning and afternoon car rides, loud music, and our afternoon snacks before practice. To Kate Harty I will the many intense workouts we have done with our team. To Rachel Whitehouse, I will you the many photo shoots that we have had. And lastly, I will any juniors and seniors who take IB Physics next year the strength and studying to pass the final exam.

Bronwen Waddell

To all my theater babies, Hannah Thompson, Lucie Potter, Allison Portaro, Bree Hasken, Anna Marie Nash, Claire Elder, Mary Klarer Fultz, and Zoe Blake, I will to you the leadership of being an upperclassmen in theater. I know you all will rise up and be the best set of juniors and seniors SHA theater has ever seen and I know you will make me so proud. I love you all SO MUCH. To Maddie Stokes and Autumn Cambron, I will to you my friendship. You two are some of the most smartest and talented girls I have ever met. Do not let anyone tell you any different. I will miss rehearsal with you and rolling our eyes at Ms. Rozanna. I will miss you two so much and I am so lucky I get to call you all friends. To all the Holy Spirit girls, please visit Mr. Martin more often, he misses you. Finally, to Gabbi Guerrero (my soulmate), Annie Nall, and Eliza Burnett, I will to you my heart. You three are the greatest girls I have ever known. My heart already aches from how much I am going to miss you all. Do not have too much fun without me. Please remember that no matter what happens, ALWAYS be yourself and nothing but yourself. Your all’s love, compassion, humor, and talent is unsurpassable and I am constantly in awe that I get to call you all friends. The memories I have shared with you all are unforgettable. Please come visit me in college. Love you all so much!

Abby Birk

To the field hockey team, I will countless practices, 20/40s, pre-game parking lot parties, and inside jokes. Enjoy every practice and game, because the season will be over before you know it. Oh, and win a state championship! To the baddies on the tennis team, I will long car rides with Kevin stopping every 20 minutes, even longer speeches by Kevin and Whitney, and Mort. To Eleanor Hinkebein, I will the Ambassador Program. You’re going to be an amazing president, and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll do! To Natalie Chou, I will all my notes and my serve (do with that what you want, because I definietly don’t want it). To Libby Nichols, I will rt10. To Callie Birk, I will our silent morning car rides, Caitlyn (don’t let her slack off), and being the oldest Birk girl for the first time in your life (have fun with that). Enjoy every moment of junior and senior year! It goes by in a blink of an eye. Try not to miss me too much 🙂

Ashley Brangers

I will Allie Knight all of the car rides home after school and weekly family dinners. Take good care of Natalie while you all are at SHA together. I will Ashley Durik all of my notes and study guides. I will Callie Birk endless amounts of making fun of Abby. Make sure Caitlyn and Natalie are best friends. I will the SHA Soccer team countless practices and wins. Don’t take it for granted because your last SHA Soccer game will be here before you know it. Go beat West Jess for me next year. I will Regan Nolan the Fourth Floor Pool and CP3 Honors. I will Cara Francke clammy hands. And finally, to Libby Nichols I will Chester.

Gabriella Floro

I will to Eva Larch my ability to procrastinate, even though she doesn’t need it. I will to the Field Hockey Team the Reservoir – enjoy the hills!! I will to Eleanor Hinkebein the patience and ability to make Geofilters for Open House. I will the IB Diploma class two years of great classes and hours of exams.

Jenna Hall

I will my mirror to Eliza Burnett. I will dirt to Ashlyn Vale, Margaret Glaser, Sophie Rowley, and Olivia Bates. I will my 2 on the AP Psych exam to Erica Johnson. I will Katie Kushner my seat at lunch and mid-lunch hugs. I will “sumthn’” to Lauren Payne.

Lilly Williams

To Margaret, Kate, Eleanor, and especially Anna, Kate, and Allison, I will FCA :)).

Alex Pesek 

For Elizabeth Wilson, Kylie Abrams, Sara Wise, and Julia Deters- all the classic carpool jams. For Skylar Singleton- graphing calculator skillz. For Sophie Rowley and Olivia Bates- TREDS. For MJ Julien- heat protectant gloves and an air conditioner. For Ashlyn Vale- my creative paint ideas. For Keely Burns- ketnips all day every day. For Kate McLarney- one real life whale experience. For Margaret Glaser- a big bucket of glue. For Eliza Kelly- SLEEP and hugs.

Class of 2018, you will be missed.