Sacred Heart Academy Dances Their Hearts Out

Jennifer Zaragoza


Taylor McQueen

On Friday, March 23, Sacred Heart Academy’s ValkyrieBeat Club hosted their 2nd Annual dance marathon from 5:30pm to 10pm. Last year, the club was originally founded by SHA’s alumna, Anna-Marie Beck.
The club’s president, Alaina Eifler, commented that “this club has been something that is close to [their] hearts because of the kids that [they] meet through it”.
At the dance marathon, ValkyrieBeat had numerous activities to keep those who attended busy, such as a photo booth, tons of food, face painting, a tent for the patients and their families, a Hungry Hungry Hippos game, and taught their line dance. Also, during each break after teaching the line dance, there were three themes, Disney, throwback, and glow, where the attendees could have free dance. To close the event, the ValkyrieBeat executive board and the attendees performed the whole line dance, revealing the total amount of money raised for a pediatric cancer cure: $14, 843.03.
The main cause for ValkyrieBeat’s dance marathon is to raise money for the pediatric cancer clinic and patients at the University of Louisville.
“The kids have gone through more than some adults could even handle and somehow they’re always smiling and having fun yet they get no funding for the clinic and research,” said Eifler.
ValkyrieBeat’s mission that they live by for each past and future dance marathon is to dance for the kids.
The club’s vice president, Hannah Montalvo, concluded that, “this year was a lot of fun and was a big success with achieving above our goal of $10,000 and I’m excited to see it grow over the years”.
With this in mind, ValkyrieBeat aimed over the past two years to bring a community together to help fight for a cure and hope that the overall amount they raise gets bigger each year. Until next year, the club has already started planning ahead for other future events, including their third annual dance marathon.