SHA Participates in National School Walk-Out


Caroline Washle and Madeline Renn

Sacred Heart Academy recently participated in the National School Walk-Out organized by Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victims that occurred on Valentine’s Day. Student’s who were impacted by the school shooting organized the walk-out to take place on March 14th at 10:00 A.M. and last for 17 minutes of silence.

According to student council members, Elizabeth Solomon and ClaraStewart Campbell, “[The walk-out] was student driven… [The administration] were solely concerned about our safety and making sure that we could voice our opinions.”

The walk-out was optional and open for interpretation by all students, allowing each opinion to be voiced. Here at SHA, the walk-out turned out to be successful, peaceful, and respectful to honor the students who lost their lives within school communities.

Although the walk-out was optional, Senior Caroline Tafel, who participated in the 17 minutes of silence, explained, “Either way, thinking about this thing is significant and powerful alone.”