Louisville Flood

JonMarie Johnson

During the past couple of weeks, Louisville has experienced severe flooding. The rain fell in February, and caused serious damage to many homes, businesses, and farms. Flash floods raised the water level which propelled the Ohio River into downtown Louisville. Rising more than twenty feet above normal level, some cars were submerged in water.

Mayor Greg Fischer confirmed that the damage exceeds over two million dollars, and volunteers have already made an effort to recover the damage around the waterfront area. The sudden flood impacted a multitude of residents, and some of which were required to transport to work using a boat. The Red Cross opened several shelters for Louisville citizens who were effected by the flood damage. Unfortunately, the water is slowly receding which has delayed clean up efforts.

Several students and faculty members of Sacred Heart Academy were greatly impacted by the rising water levels. Senior Emily Strafer dealt with flood damage and said, “It was on Saturday (week of the 21st) and my mom called me around 11 p.m. saying our neighbors had called her saying that their basement had started to flood and they were wondering if ours had done the same. So my mom went to check downstairs thinking nothing of it and there was about 3-4 inches of water all over our basement (which included our laundry room). We later found out when we woke up the next morning that every person on our streets basement flooded.” As of this week, the water has receded but debris still lines the water’s edge.