Alumni Awards Banquet Recap


Alumna of the Year, Alice Fisher ’85 receiving her award.

Katie Muldoon, Staff Reporter

Every year, Sacred Heart Academy hosts an Alumni Awards Banquet honoring outstanding alum, teachers or coaches who live out the core values of SHA. This year the banquet was held on Feb. 1.

There were five different awards given out: Honorary Diploma, Heart Award, Valkyrie Hall of Fame, Ursuline Teaching Legacy Award, and Alumna of the Year.

The Honorary Diploma is awarded to those in the SHA community who contribute their time to SHA and everyone around them. This year’s Honorary Diploma recipients are Sister Janet Peterworth and Dr. Anna Jo Paul.

The Heart Award is awarded to someone who exemplifies the core value of service throughout the community. This year’s recipients are Blair Ivins, Sarah Hardy, and Sister Angela Mary.

The Valkyrie Hall of Fame inductees show determination and commitment to their sport at Sacred Heart, whether it is coaching or playing. This years inductees are Maddie Schueler, Kristina Wetterer Phillips, and Bob Tonini.

The Ursuline Teaching Legacy Award is awarded to a teacher in the community that expresses what it means to be a compassionate educator. Sally Miller Gamble is the recipient of the Ursuline Teaching Legacy Award.

Finally, the Alumna of the Year award is awarded to Alice Fisher ‘85. Alice is a prime example of what it means to be a strong woman of great faith. She is a powerful woman who accredits all of her leadership skills to her time here at Sacred Heart.

Congratulations to all of the recipients of the 2018 Alumni Awards. You make Sacred Heart proud.