Frosh Experience


Olivia Fleming and Jennifer Zaragoza

Freshman year can cause a lot of stress but at Sacred Heart Academy we try our best to make sure everyone is included with events like the Freshman Rose Ceremony, Frosh Blast, and Freshman Field day. All of these events are designed to bring freshman together as a class. In the past couple of weeks, freshman experienced these events and truly bonded with one another.

Freshman Rose Ceremony/Matriculation Mass:

A great growing tradition that has been recently started at Sacred Heart Academy and that is the Freshman Rose Ceremony that occurs during the Freshman Matriculation Mass.

The ceremony itself was created to physically welcome you into Sacred Heart’s Community. One rose symbolizes the beginning of your journey at SHA while the bouquet of roses you will receive at graduation represents not only your end at Sacred Heart but the beginning of your future. Before there were roses involved, there was only a Mass. They called it the Matriculation Mass. Matriculate means to be enrolled at a college or university. Now that you are here at SHA, the mass is made to kick off the week of fun the Administration Board had planned.


Frosh Blast

Frosh Blast was a huge success thanks to student council and faculty. The freshman danced throughout the night alongside their classmates.

This freshman class sure knows how to have an epic sleepover. From karaoke to toilet paper fashion shows the students had a blast showing off their skills. Along with screaming out their favorite songs and dancing the students also took part in a childhood favorite game, Little Sally Walker, where they each shared facts about themselves and bonded with one another.

Elaina Parker, junior, student council representative said, “Being at Frosh Blast honestly made me want to be a freshman again.”

To top everything off the freshman even got to play cornhole, take photos in the photo booth and all while having a blast in their super cute onesies.


Freshman Field Day

Every year each class participates in their grades field day. Each team room is assigned a color and it is up to them to create a costume or a theme for themselves. This past week the freshman class experienced their first freshman field day.

Junior, Emmie Jackson described field day as, “A fun and competitive way to build community within the freshman class.”

The freshman battled it out in multiple activities including, steal the bacon, where two teams lined up and raced each other to get the flag in the middle of the field.

Spiderweb, where teams would throw a ball of string and hold their string until everyone had a piece once each team member had a piece they would sit. First team to have all members sitting won, and the end product looked like a spiderweb.

They also participated in the classic game of over under. The girls had to line up single file to pass a balloon over their heads and under their legs, first team to complete and sit won.

Lastly the freshman did a hula hoop circle, where they linked arms in a circle and had to transfer the hula hoop around their bodies till everyone had gone through it. The purple team reigned victorious for this years freshman field day.

We hope Freshman had a blast at all of these events. There are many more fun times to come. We encourage you to enjoy your four years at SHA. You are forever going to be apart of the SHA community and we wish you that best in all your future endeavors.