PSAT Study Tips


Olivia Fleming, Staff Reporter

Mark your calendars for this year’s PSAT on Oct. 11. The PSAT is great practice for the SAT and can qualify you for scholarship programs. The PSAT tests reading, writing language, and math.

The reading section will include full-length passages as well as paragraph passages. The writing and language sections will include multiple choice questions pertaining to grammar, usage, word choice, and organization. The math section is also multiple choice, and test takers can expect to see problems that include numbers and operations, algebra problems, geometry problems, statistics, probability, and data analysis.

While taking the reading portion of the PSAT, the key is to understand the main ideas and themes of a passage. You do not need to know every detail of the passage, just skim through, notice the main ideas, and if necessary look back in the passage for smaller details.

Another key factor to remember is that the answer is in front of you. With the test being multiple choice the answer is always given, it is up to you to recognize it. Typically the simplest answer will have a greater chance of being correct.

When guessing however, do not pick a random letter just because you have not chosen it in a while, try to make an educated guess.

So how are SHA students prepping for the test?

Junior, Jennifer Zaragoza said, “I am preparing by practicing problems in the student guide of the PSAT/NMSQT, as well as Kaplan Test Prep.”

Junior, Brooke Ryan said, “I plan on doing more practice problems in my book.”

Keep these tips in mind, and good luck Sacred Heart