New Teacher Spotlight Ms. Means

Olivia Fleming

Olivia Fleming, Staff Reporter

New Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Means
Just like many students at Sacred Heart Academy, Julia Means once roamed the hallways and fell in love with the place many Valkyries call their second home.
Ms. Means graduated SHA in 2010 and was a former field hockey player as well as a former cross country and track runner. Ms. Means was named to the academic all-state team for cross country and track and field.
Not only is Ms. Means athletic, but she is also smart, attending Furman University from 2010-2014. Furman University is located in South Carolina and is one of the first undergraduate liberal arts universities in the nation. While at Furman University, Ms. Means majored in English. Initially interested in journalism, Ms. Means eventually turned to education.
Ms. Means said, “I realized from my junior year of college that I wanted to be a teacher, I was interested in journalism at first, but then I took a few education classes and really liked them.” After graduating from Furman University, Ms. Means went on to earn her master’s degree. Ms. Means attended a master’s program in North Carolina at Wake Forest University, where she stayed and taught for one year at Davie County High School before realizing she was ready to come home to Louisville.

Once back in Louisville, Ms. Means taught at Oldham County High School.
Ms. Means later received news of an opportunity to teach at SHA and said, “I just couldn’t pass it up.”
Ms. Means has many hopes for this year, which include working well with other teachers in the English department as well as collaborating and learning from all the other teachers.
Ms. Means teaches freshman and sophomore English, and assists coach Heim with the varsity cross country team. The students and faculty welcome Ms. Means back to her second home with open arms.