Father Adam Presides over SHA


Payton Sims, Staff Reporter

Father Adam Carrico is one of the priests who you may have seen walking through the halls of Sacred Heart. Fr. Carrico is the pastor at St. Patrick Catholic Church and St. Boniface Catholic Church.

Fr. Carrico has been a priest for nearly two years, as he was ordained December of 2015. He attended grade school at St. Aloysius, high school at St. Xavier, and college at the University of Louisville earning a degree in history. Carrico then spent seven years at St. Meinrad where he received a master’s in philosophy and divinity.

When asked what made him first think about joining the priesthood, he said “In third grade, I had an interaction with Fr. John Dickman, he was kind and welcoming, and he enjoyed being present to us as kids. That started it and kind of put the idea in my head.”

He then worked at a nursing home for most of high school and all of college, there he developed a desire to serve others.

He became part of the SHA community through our Campus Minister, Mrs. Andrea Hoback. Fr. Carrico knew Mrs. Hoback through her time at St. Meinrad, and when she obtained her job at Sacred Heart, she started letting him know when she needed help with masses.

“I always imagined myself as a father of girls. And being available for the students when life is challenging, I of course, want to be here when life is good but also when life presents challenges,” said Fr. Carrico.

Father Carrico usually comes to more weekly events at SHA, but Fr. Carrico and Rev. Mark Spalding both preside at all school SHA events.

“Having Fr. Carrico on campus has truly been a blessing,” said soccer coach Jaclyn Puntillo. “He is so supportive of our student-athletes and his presence at campus events is so appreciated.”