Welcoming Mrs. Burke

Jennifer Zaragoza

Jennifer Zaragoza, Staff Reporter

“This is the perfect job for me.”

This was Nicole Burke’s final statement about her job at Sacred Heart Academy as the newest Enrollment Service Coordinator.
Mrs. Burke was a stay at home mom to three girls for 13 years and after praying about what the next chapter to her life would be, she was answered with a job here at SHA, a school that her daughter will soon be attending.
Mrs. Burke is married with three girls who currently attend St.Patrick Catholic School. She’s originally from Louisiana, but she moved to Kentucky at an early age. She attended and graduated from Eastern High School. After that, she entered Bellarmine University as a medical student, but came out with a degree in Actuary Science and Marketing. Additionally, she loves games and puzzles.
Mrs. Burke is here to help welcome new pieces to the puzzle that is SHA. She considers the shadow program to be a big puzzle, piecing seventh and eighth grade students with freshman who share the same interest in sports, classes, and extracurricular activities.
Mrs. Burke has felt a genuine sense of welcoming at SHA, and though it is a change in her life, it is one she really enjoys and is extremely happy she has made.
Mrs. Burke’s tip to all the strong women of great faith at SHA is: “if your job requires you to move around a lot, bring a pair of flat shoes in addition to your heels.”