New Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Dyche

Madeline Renn, Staff Reporter

Ms. Katy Dyche is a new teacher at Sacred Heart Academy who is inspired by and dedicated to the education of young students. Ms. Dyche takes interest in youth ministry and in education, and when faced with decision on which to take on as a career, she decided that education held a more promising future for her. “I preferred to see the kids every day” said Ms. Dyche. Had she made a different decision on whether or not to teach in a high school, Ms. Dyche believes she would be working in either youth ministry or as a professor at a university.
Ms. Dyche is dedicated to the success of her students. She states that she finds happiness in watching her students succeed and enjoys the aspect of getting to know her students and watching them grow. “I like seeing kids grow from year to year and building relationships with them” claims Ms. Dyche.
Ms. Dyche states that a big factor in her decision to teach high school is the material she is given the opportunity to teach. “I feel like when you teach younger grades you don’t get to dive into some things as deep” said Ms. Dyche. Her interest in social studies came from past teachers who gave her an interest in the subjects and inspired her to want to teach it for herself. A good day at school for Ms. Dyche means involving her student in study of important material, getting to know her students better, and going an entire day without any tech issues.
Mrs. Jennifer Muller has been an inspiration for Ms. Dyche at Sacred Heart as she has been a model teacher for her. Many of Mrs. Muller’s students would agree that she could be called very welcoming and accepting of her students, something Ms. Dyche admires about her fellow teacher. Ms Dyche stated that she sees herself as more tense in some situations. “seeing [Mrs. Muller] more laid-back in situations helps balance out” said Ms. Dyche.
The Sacred Heart community is happy to welcome Me. Dyche to our school as she is a positive addition to the staff and a bright personality to see during the school day. We look forward to this upcoming year and welcoming our new teachers.