IB Diploma students turn in Extended Essays


Caroline Washle, Staff Reporter

The full International Baccalaureate diploma students came across a huge milestone in their process of completing the program. IB Diploma students turned in their final copy of a 4,000 word extended essay on Wednesday, Sept. 20.

The students began their essays in January of 2017, and IB student Lilly Williams completed her essay the night before.

“There were some weeks earlier in the process that I didn’t even look at it, then I would work more on it before a mini-deadline,” Williams said.

Students were influenced by specific supervisors of their choice to guide them throughout the process. These supervisors included teachers, administrators, and counselors at Sacred Heart Academy.

Supervisor Craig Heuser, a United States history and TKO teacher, explains the supervisor is there for guidance; not to make corrections or to edit.

“This paper is completely student-driven from the very beginning when she picks the topic, researches the subject, writes the paper and edits it until she turns it in,” said Heuser. “The supervisor is primarily there to help along the way by offering advice, questioning the student’s research and analysis and making sure that she is staying on track in the process.”

After nine months of hard work and devotion to this essay, IB Diploma students have finally completed this milestone and celebrated with breakfast and dress-down day.

Congratulations to all IB Diploma students for completing and turning in their extended essays!