Hearts Open for Ms. Black


Taylor McQueen and Hayes Turney

Here at Sacred Heart, students may have noticed many new teachers walking the hallway. One of those teachers is Ms. Emily Black, who teaches World History.
Born and raised in Louisville, Black grew up in the Catholic school system, attending St. Gabriel and Mercy Academy. She then graduated from the University of Louisville with a major in education and a minor in history. While at college, Black did debate on either becoming a teacher or a lawyer.
“[Teaching] felt like a natural fit, like I was really excited about what I was learning,” she said enthusiastically.
Wanting to continue her love of teaching, Black had a desire to teach history at a high school and was in search for the position. She explained that it was difficult to find this specific job, until an opportunity opened up here at Sacred Heart and it seemed meant to be.
When she did her research on the high school, she was amazed by everything SHA had to offer, especially the IB program.
“That’s when I decided that if I’m going to make the jump at high school [teaching], this should be the one I’m at,” said Black.
As this is her first time teaching in an all female environment, Ms. Black is extremely excited for what this new school year will bring. She looks forward to the Turkey Bowl and going on retreats with the students.
Now that she has gotten the job of her dreams, Black wished to thank her parents for inspiring her to be her best self. She also wanted to offer her students one life lesson:
“Everything matters. Do not feel that something is insignificant, because it could result in consequence,” said Black.
Sacred Heart welcomes Ms. Emily Black to the staff and is grateful for her addition to the Valkyrie community.