Turning Learners to Leaders at Sacred Heart Model School

Turning Learners to Leaders at Sacred Heart Model School

Taylor McQueen, Staff Reporter

On Monday morning, Sep. 19, the Ophelia Mentor group visited the 6th graders at Sacred Heart Model School. Within this group were the Sacred Heart seniors Claire Esselman, Nina Piazza, Drayden Zaring, Taylor McQueen, Jenna Hall, and junior Katie Kushner.

Separated into six groups, the SHMS students were introduced a new board game, similar to Monopoly, that focused on each girls’ personal self. Each question from the game required deep personal thought for the students, requiring them to reflect on their life choices. With each role of the dice, the students would draw a question from a stack of cards, taking a moment of silence to decide what their own answer would be.

Being apart of this program myself, I fortunately got to be a part of this visit to SHMS.

Right after the board game, I got to witness all the girls smiling around the table, already feeling more confident in themselves than before. The students were also starting to think individually when answering questions and never second guessing themselves, illustrating an improvement in the students’ mindset of their own perception of life.

With each visit, the Ophelia Mentor club sets a goal to teach 6th through 8th graders in the Louisville Metro area the importance of being confident in your true self.

Again through experience, I believe this is a very successful program that prepares young girls for the hardships later on in life and I look forward to the upcoming visits.

The Ophelia Mentors next scheduled visit is Monday, Sept. 25 at SHMS.