Say Hello to the Senior Sweatshirts


JonMarie Johnson, Staff Reporter

The Sacred Heart Academy seniors were called down to the connector on Sept. 14 for a special surprise. Seniors have been waiting several weeks to receive their senior sweatshirts, and the day has finally arrived.

Now that the seniors have their class sweatshirts, they can now walk in the halls with confidence. Students rushed to grab their sweatshirts and pulled them over their heads with excitement. What does this moment mean to many students?

Senior Jessica Tyson said, “We are officially seniors now!”

Most seniors agree that the receival of their senior sweatshirt creates a realization that they are now the leaders of the school.
This SHA tradition is a wonderful senior privilege that everyone loves.

Earlier in the year rumors spread saying that the sweatshirts would not arrive until the end of September. With disappointment and frustration, the class of 2018 was thrilled to hear that these rumors were in fact false.

The sweatshirts symbolize the self-worth and accomplishments that the class of 2018 has made this far.

There are many events and activities planned this year for SHA Valkyries, and the seniors will often times be representing their class by wearing their sweatshirts. Sept. 14 was an exhilarating day for seniors, and the senior privileges will only continue.