Hurricanes Cause Chaos


A photograph of the flooding from Hurricane Irma in a neighborhood in South Carolina.

Maggie Doheny, Staff Reporter

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma hit within the same two weeks, leaving Texas and Florida in a state of shock. This is the first time two Category 4 hurricanes have hit the United States in the same year.

Harvey had up to 130 mph winds and left 40 inches of floodwater in Texas. This hurricane caused close to 70 deaths, hundreds of thousands were left without electricity and Texas became billions of dollars in debt.

Hoping to help with the costs of Harvey, the Sacred Heart Schools chose to hold a campus-wide dress down day with a minimum amount of $2. The campus raised over $7,000 for the cause and Sacred Heart Academy raised over $5,000 of that amount.

Irma began as a Category 5 storm, but fluctuated between Category 3 and Category 4 when it hit land in Florida. The hurricane is responsible for up to 30 deaths and left millions without electricity.

“The majority of the homes under my electricity company have no power and there was absolutely no gas available for days. It has been craziness and it is heartbreaking to see all of the damage to people’s homes and businesses,” said Florida resident Brian Doheny when asked about experiencing his first hurricane.

Texas and Florida have a long road of recovery ahead of them in order to get back on track. There are many relief efforts helping out those who lost their homes form the hurricanes.