Shanks at SHA


Shelby Arnett and Maggie Doheny

Sacred Heart Academy freshman counselor Kelly Shanks is excited for a fun-filled school year. Raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Ms. Shanks attended college at the University of Louisville and continued on to graduate school at Nicholls State University in Louisiana.

An Assumption High School alumna, Ms. Shanks is happy to return to an all-female atmosphere. “It’s the idea of an all-girls high school experience,” said Ms. Shanks when asked why she chose to teach at SHA. “It’s so important to me and it made me the woman I am today,” she said.

Ms. Shanks initially recognized her passion for counseling when she taught dance and tumbling in the past. She always enjoyed working with kids, and eventually developed an interest in psychology as an undergraduate. Before settling on a counseling career, Ms. Shanks worked with several different jobs and took up teaching in middle school, where she discovered her liking to a school environment.

Ms. Shanks is the new freshman counselor at SHA.

Ms. Shanks has three children: 2-year-old Grant, 4-year-old Tyler, and 8-year-old Lauren. She enjoys spending time with her family, which has become her own hobby. “I love my children and love to take care of them. I haven’t had time for hobbies in years,” said Ms. Shanks. On weekends, Ms. Shanks and her brother take their children to Mass together to bond as a family.

As a family-oriented community, SHA welcomes Ms. Shanks to the school with gratitude. Thank you, Ms. Shanks, for joining the Valkyries.