Introducing Mr. Homrich

Caroline Washle and Madeline Renn

Not even teachers are immune to stereotypes. Sacred Heart’s newest English teacher and a former high school and collegiate football player, Mr. Alden Homrich, thought he was destined to be a history teacher early on in his career.

Mr. Homrich said, “I thought football players would become history teachers…that was just the status quo.”

Mr. Homrich’s interest in teaching came from his fourth grade teacher, but was initially interest- ed in history rather than English due to his football coaches in high school.

After experiencing his first C- in a college history course, he then decided history was not for him. Still interested in pursuing education, he soon became intrigued by English and language arts.

Mr. Homrich was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. but made his way to Kentucky to attend Centre College in Danville.

After earning his Bachelors degree in English and minor in Education at Centre, Mr. Homrich went on to teach middle school at Martin Luther King, Jr. in Charlotte, NC along with being the seventh and eighth grade English and language arts teacher at St. Edward here in Louisville, KY. Homrich is currently completing his Masters in Secondary Educational Studies at John Hopkins University.

Inspired by the wisdom of students, Mr. Homrich is comfortable teaching sophomores and ju- niors at a level where the students share interesting life lessons everyday. Once he felt comfort- able enough understanding how the average middle schooler functioned, Homrich decided it was time to make a jump to high school.

“I get a lot of energy from my students,” Homrich explained. “They…have really good ideas about the world and helping them develop and express themselves is the best part of teaching.”

Mr. Homrich enjoys the presence of his students everyday.

“These are the most brilliant people in the state,” said Mr. Homrich.