Introducing Mr. Garcia

McKenna Micke, Staff Reporter

Mr. Will Garcia, who is eager to begin a new career at Sacred Heart Academy this year, currently teaches IB Math, Geometry, and AP Computer Science.

Mr. Garcia attended Western Kentucky University and double majored in physics and education.

He was married eleven months ago and is preparing to celebrate his one month anniversary next month.

After meeting Mr. Kyle Jones from the Governors Scholars Program, Mr. Garcia decided he wanted to teach at SHA.

After talking to Mr. Daniel McGeeney, he learned about SHA’s STEM Program. He is introducing a new course this year called AP Computer Science. He hopes this new course will further challenge and educate the students involved in the STEM Program. Mr. Garcia actually taught himself how to code this past summer. He enjoys computer science and is eager to share his passion with his students.

He said, “It is not going to matter if you remember the quadratic formula in twenty years, but it is going to matter if you remember how to be a problem solver.” Mr. Garcia is determined to help improve students’ problem solving skills throughout the year.

Mr. Garcia also plans to help Mr. McGeeney with the Vex Robotics club this year and help the students learn basic coding and work on constructing apps. He loves that coding can be broken down into numbers that are as simple as 1’s and 0’s.

He concludes that his passion for physics and math was influenced by his family.

He said, “physics explains how the world works and math is the language that physics is spoken in.” He believes that math is a language that anyone can understand. He is really excited about teaching IB Math and is eager to show his students why math is so important and how it correlates to science.

Lastly, Mr. Garcia’s biggest reward of teaching is knowing that he has inspired his students to do what they love. In fact, he keeps a file folder of notes that he receives from his students. Whenever he needs motivation, he looks at his notes to remind him of everyone he has helped!