Valkyrie’s Best Friend

Get ready for some puppy love, Valkyries! Starting next year, Sacred Heart hopes to have its own school dog working in the counseling office for anyone who needs some cheering up.

During midterms this past year, the school brought dozens of dogs into the gym during lunch for the students to have a break from studying and stress.  The result was incredible as it gave SHA girls a brief distraction from their nerve wracking exams and improved their day with an adorable puppy.  The administration took note of the effect the dogs had on the students during hard times, and, with the help of an organization that trains therapy dogs at from Frazier Rehab among other locations, they decided to adopt their very own school dog to be a permanent presence in the school.

Facility dogs are a great way to brighten up anyone’s day, especially for those going through a tough time.  Studies show they can relieve stress for anyone of all ages struggling with depression, anxiety, self esteem issues, difficult situations in and outside of school, or just a bad day.   Having a facility dog in the counseling office will be another good way to calm down and cheer up a student in need of comforting.

School officials will be working with a few dogs throughout the summer to determine if SHA is the right placement for them. Though they hope to have a dog selected at the start of the school year, but officials noted that this process can take a very long time.

Be on the lookout for a new puppy on campus next year!