Sacred Heart Senior Wills 2017


Maggie Doheny, Shelby Arnett, and Megan Bishop, Staff Reporters

As we celebrate Graduation this week, we recognize over 60 of our Sacred Heart seniors who left momentos and traditions behind to their fellow Sacred Heart sisters in their Senior Wills.

SHA Seniors class of 2017.


Katie Arnold

To SHAlleyball, I will you another state championship, hanging in the locker room, and memorable rides to Valley. To the tennis team, I will you many more quick tennis questions, talks from Kevin, and dealing with you know who next year. To Emily Arnold, I will you my Valkyrie love and taking care of Granny. To Amber Vance, Lauren Hoffman, Kaelin Gregory, and Julia Wagner, I will you many car rides to/from SHA and any weird music we played. To Kristen Clemons and Jessica Roby, I will you the new buddies you will get next year (who will never be as good as Paige Hammons and me). To Amber Vance, I will you Cane’s dates. To Sammy Higgins, I will you some rice hair. To Ella Rueff, I will you to walk yourself home from practice without Kailey King and me. To every girl still lucky enough to go to SHA, I will you the best next however many years of your life. Don’t wish it away.

Louise Allison

I will my soul to Maddie Bohler.

Jayleigh Amstutz

I will IB ceramics to Mary Kate Kesler and Katie Muldoon. Good luck ladies.

Emily Azzara

Abigail Westenhofer: I will you the responsibility to keep Michael & Betty occupied while I’m gone. SHAlleyball family: Treat the other “youngins” as I’ve treated you guys. But most importantly, I will you all the necessity of LIT car rides from SHA to Valley. I’m expecting there to be VERY many of them. Grace Jung and Lexi Hernandez: I will you all the art of ceramics, and the special bonds created. Continue them. Emery Karem: I will you my many trips to Mrs Barnetts room. Never quit roaming the halls.

Anna-Maria Beck

I will my chair in the learning center to anyone who needs it, my “hello’s” to the facilities staff, the elevator to any Valkyries battling with an injury or illness, and ValkyrieBEAT dance marathons for the whole student body; I hope that it grows and prospers for years to come!

Sarah Buse

I will Meg Williams her cousin back at soccer games so she can be his #1 fan. I will Julia Wagner my little sister to take care of. I will Lexie Wagner my fun snapchats and carpool stories. I will Kiley Polk my shin splints. Sorry bud.

Maggie Cahill

I will car rides to Blairwood to Caroline Lucas – find yourself someone new to sing Christmas songs with and make me proud. I will my dance moves to Helen Daly – may you find yourself on the dance floor of every event. I will the IB girls the relationships our IB class of 2017 had – learn as much about each other as you learn in a class. Finally, I will my love for SHA to all the underclassmen – smile everyday!! You’re in the best place in the world.

Elizabeth Carrigan

To all St. X Theatre girls, I will sing-alongs in car rides to rehearsal, pre-show rituals, and my pump up playlist. I will my four page long movie bucket list to Jane Harris in return for all of your movie recommendations. To Em, I will our recorder performances and “Dayman” ballads from piano class; keep the fever dream alive. And of course Gracie: I will you my incredible Macarena skills to impress all the boys.

Meredith Coleman

I will Cassie Amshoff the key to my house because I won’t be able to unlock it for you. I will Kiley Polk the trips to hikoamon and my doo-rags. I will Lexie Wagner the air conditioning in my car (you know why). I will Maddie Landoch the ability to take care of Cassie since I’ll be too far away (I trust you).

Angela Creely

I will Clare Deschler many more fun memories at SHA and Coconut Island. I will Zoe Hert and Kate the organization of all robotics materials and a successful robotics club next year!! I will the Sophomores in my small group a great high school experience and to never stop growing in friendship with your fellow classmates :).

Christian Davis

I will the prayer and cheer before dance competitions to Madi Dailey. I leave car rides to dance and Chick-fil-A trips to Kate Harty. I will the table closest to the door in the TV studio to Maggie Doheny. To the Pink and White Trinity Dance Coaches, I leave you good luck with the boys. I will my parking spot to Emily Sipes because yours was so far away this year. I will AP Richard to Ella Hubbs. I leave the injury corner in Vision to Olivia Troutman- stop hurting yourself. To the SHA Dance team I leave you long practices but soak it in while it lasts. It goes by quickly.

Taylor Davis

To my Sacred Heart Sisters: Cherish the little things because in the end, the little things are more meaningful.

Kate Dutton

To Cassie Amshoff, I leave you my incredible charm, to swoop all the boys and ability to get teachers to like you. To Lexie Wagner, I leave you my humor to make soccer a little more enjoyable. To Eliza Kelly, I leave you the goal box. Don’t let any balls go in. To all SHAccer gals, I will you the legacy my senior class has made. To everyone – Enjoy Sacred Heart, it goes by fast. I will you my great experience.

Maddi Echsner

I will ClaraStewart Campbell and Elaina Parker 100 club. I hope you never get tired of forcing people to cheer and dressing as the Valkyrie! Take care of the club, it’s the best. I will the exec board room 204. Start new things and never forget the memories you make in that room. I will Claire Mcatee and Molly Mcguire a fantastic carpool. Find a new freshman and maybe get a new steering wheel cover. You can have mine (kidding, you can’t). I will Katie Muldoon and Mary Kate Kesler IB ceramics. Our table slays forever and always.

Camie Eichenberger

To Lexi Hernandez, I will you my weird sense of humor, planned bathroom breaks, daily emails, and meetings in the tech wing. To Lizzy Voss, I will you morning and afternoon car rides, loud music, (almost) sleepovers, and Friday nights. To Kiley Polk, I will you Heine Bros chocolate chip scones, fake fights about nothing, and my hi’s in the hallway. To Carolyne Shofner, I will you senior slide, Valkyrie pride, and morning car rides. To Nina Piazza, I will you endless pictures, Ice cream, and my love for SHA.

Claire Ely

I will the cheer “any dogs in the house” and “whose house?” to Morgan McMillan. Be loud and don’t be awkward. I will third base (the position and the job of putting the actual base away) to Mollie McMillan. I will the clean up spot on the softball team to Jessica Biernesser. Do work baby! Alley Puckett, I will making fun of Morgan. I may be gone, but she still must be hazzed. To Shelby Arnett, I will carpool karaoke and the job of “hype girl.” Carry on The Rune legacy for me! Lastly, I will Eva Larch countless gushers and endless orange juice. Stay weird.

Lauren Eugenio

To Margaret Glaser, I leave my five airplanes. To all the underclassman, I will to you the worst scratchy sweater you will ever wear. Don’t worry you’ll be a senior someday. To the future Convergent Media class, good luck!

Emily Fry

Sophie Barnett- jamming to Adele in the car.. Field hockey underclassmen- parking lot parties and gauntlets <3. Kiley Polk- please keep up the amazing dance moves at the FDD. Cassie Amshoff- take care of our sugas next year while I’m gone. Heuser and Lucy Hubbs- the great honor of being OHCCs. Make me proud. IB juniors- endless procrastination and coffee :). Mary Kate Kesler- ALL MY LOVE!!!!

Ryan Gahm

Maddie Landoch, I will you TFG in the king louie’s parking lot. Don’t forget to turn away from the demons.  I will you every nickname we have ever created. I will you alfredo at the OG- take it to the corner. I will you the privilege of cutting ribbon for games… try not to cut them too short! I will you both of my ankle braces. I will you my sister. Take care of her. Emma Kirchdorfer and Lily, I will you morning starbucks runs before school. Future Open House Chairs, I will you my walkie talkie. Anna Laveck, I will you my healthy ACL. You can have it. Leah Goldberg, I will you the word “NO” when someone tries to drive to goal and shouldn’t. Katie Muldoon, I will you after practice Salsarita’s. Maybe we can go sometime. SHA lacrosse team, I will you the Friday night dance. Please put it to good use. My baby sister Lily, I will you the Rav 4. I will you the safety of our sissy’s arm. Don’t let her end up in a cast. Finally, I will you my love for the little school on Lexington Road. It’s the little things that will make the experience all worth it, so always appreciate the small meaningful moments. Those are the ones that you’ll miss!! I love you more than you know… make me proud!! To my sissies, Maddie and Lily, I am leaving you my legacy. Don’t mess it up.

Kaelin Gentile

To the underclassmen, I will the back staircase. Whenever you are tardy and don’t want to get a late slip, use these stairs to avoid the office and the late pass.

Iman Ghali

I will Elyse Shackleton Lane 4.

Hannah Goss

To my SHA sisters, I will my Pope costume for the next Pink and White game. To Olivia Domine and Erin Johnson, I will you control of the aux chord during afternoon carpool and crime podcasts.

Lauren Graft

I will to the underclassmen my openness to everyone.

Emma Greenwood

To Zoe Hert, Jenna Hall, and Sarah Ball- we leave the tech/dirt legacy to you. Make us proud. We love you! From your senior dirts.

Rachel Gumbel

To Gabby Floro, I will everything about senior year—the ups, the downs and all the joyous moments in between. Studies are important, but your relationships are most important. I will one of the best years of friendship and family; cherish the people around you because unlike the time, they aren’t fleeting. Thanks for being the best IB buddy and friend a girl could ever have :).

Katy Haering

I will Meredith Barnes the KYA giblet. I will Lucy Hubbs all my goldfish. I will Stewie Campbell a new running partner. I will Katie Muldoon and Lucy Couch the crease. Make Maddie and I proud. I will Grace Jung Breakfast Club. Finally, I will Maddie Landoch the real squad: Julie, Patti, and Kim.

Paige Hammons

I will my volleyball jersey to Mallory Lipski, lead the team to another state championship next year. I will my miss Kentucky volleyball banner to Abigail westernhoffer, I would love for our jerseys to hang next to each other. I will the state championship banner to all current and future shalleyballers, continue the great tradition. I will my volleyball locker to Amber Vance, continue to be a great leader. I will my state championship ring to Kristen Clemons, I hope whether it’s volleyball or basketball that you can get many more rings.

Mary Katherine Hardy

To Maddie Landoch: my house in case you need to nap before practice. love you dude.. To Anna Laveck: my lax bounce back because apparently you don’t have one. To Macy: my extended essay. I will miss our convos so much, keep slaying IB. To Caroline Hamilton: a true high five for all the times I made you do all the WORK. To Katie Muldoon: a boy’s lax stick. To Lily Gahm: William! To Lucy Hubbs: an IB punching bag so you can de-stress. All my other SHA lax underclassmen #DBD!!

Julia Hennessey

Jessica Tyson: I will you the Alto 1 section in madrigals. Make sure to work hard but don’t take it too seriously all the time. Remember your love of music when it gets stressful! Megan Bishop: I will you my bad attitude in choir. Keep the sarcasm alive!

Evie Howard

To Emily Hilbrecht I will my choir binder and my incredible sense of humor. I also will to her my crazy busy schedule because she needs more to do. I also will to Emily my parking spot because I know she will miss passing my car every morning. To Megan Bishop I will my stress in IB History and my simultaneous drive to do nothing yet my need for success. I also will to Megan my boy advice and my great decision making abilities. I also want Megan to have my copy of Jurassic Park.

Megan Husted

To Jenna Hall: I will to you my sweet dance moves and all my love. To Eliza Kelly: I will to you my flexible thumbs and my sick spanish skills.

Melissa Jones

I will Shelby the SHA track sprints & SHACC teams. Nina, I will my parking spot right next to the track. Drayden, I will my Native American background and long nails. Claire, I will my obsessive love for G-eazy! Lilly and Iaunia, I will my love for running the 400 :).

Ellie Jury

To my sister, Emma, I will you my current location, my love for and dependency on starbucks and the role as the favorite child. To Elizabeth Gardner, I will you my IB medal, junior ring and parking spot!! Make me proud :). To Cassie Amshoff, I will you all the study guides in the world, Sapporo, and the infamous Chick-Fil-A hangouts. To Caroline Flaherty, I will you 8 hours of homework, tears, and Wild Eggs. To Maddie Landoch, I will you unhealthy amounts of deadlifting, 2 o’clock bathroom runs, and the duty and responsibility of team braider. To Grace Jung, I will you a bucket and many, many hugs. To Allie Clements, I will you the right elbow. Take good care of it and continue to FBU! To the Class of 2021, I will you the greatest place on earth. Here’s to the best four years of your life with the best people on the planet.   

Caroline Keown

I leave my safe space in the back corner of the room to Mr. Jones even though it is technically already his classroom. Don’t let anyone sit there unless they are the coolest person ever. sacred art kid territory, for real.

Lauren Kessinger

I will Annie Nall the ability to always surround yourself with people who make you the best person you can be and who motivate you to be a better person.

Kailey King

To Ella Rueff and Samantha Higgins: I will you the varsity tennis team and my unforgettable jokes and humor. I will you my endless jokes. Take over when I’m gone, and keep everyone in check. I will you, “Sorry I have stretch marks.”

Emma Kozal

To Lillian Bennett, I leave you lots of snacks, tennis tan lines, and our motto. To Ceci McCombs, I leave you with…Lillian. To Grace, my little sis and best friend, I will to you our morning car rides and Starbucks runs, my IB English binder, and all of my biology jokes (please tell them at parties). I also will to you my UD sweatshirt to convince you to be a Flyer so we can go to school together again.

Emma Landenwich

To my lil sister Lilly Landenwich, I’d like to leave you my sub par coffee (that you’ll learn to love!) that somehow ends up spilling out almost entirely on the walk to the car <3.

Meredith Larch

To my best friend Eva: I will to you all the motivation and effort I didn’t have and everything else I regret not doing. I also will you my ability to (mostly) finish things on time, even if it’s the last second (don’t print off your EE the morning of please). You’re my favorite ever and love you very much. mTo all the underclassmen I know that aren’t my sister: I will you all greatness and success both at SHA and beyond!!! It flies by 🙂 love and miss all of you.

Grace Lawler

To Nora Sweeney, I will money for gas and my salty emails to teachers. For Megan Bishop, Maggie Doheny, and Shelby Arnett: take care of Coach P. and Ms. Ferch. To SJ Graven, I will my rants. To Carter Kannapel, I will the family legacy. To Alex Pesek: I will my spirit cup costumes, I know you’ll have a great senior year. To Jessica Smith: I will double mochas from Henie Brothers. To Claire Esselman: I will pep talks from Ruthie and to the rest of SHA, and I leave you my camera. Thanks for the memories.

Emma Lucas

To my sister Caroline Lucas, I leave the car, my locker, senior sweatshirt, and my unending love for the greatest place on earth. To Cara Francke, I leave our parking spot and morning “jam” sessions. To Ashley Arnett, Eliza Burnett, and JJ, I leave my love for theatre. To Mary Grace Kelty, I leave slack and my mirror spot backstage.To MG, Kathleen Blim and Gracie Carrigan, I leave my barre, pre-show salsaritas trips, and convocation. To Eliza, Ash, and MG (babs and dads), I leave drives to Shelby County, picnics on top of my car, tire photos, sparkling cider, many more friendsgivings, our pet cactus jorge, our book gaston gone wrong, and ice cream adventures. To the Class of 2018, I leave SHA in it’s entirety. Cherish your time here, because it goes by faster than you could ever imagine.  

Andie MacMillan

First, to SHArpool I leave my car Hank along with Randy the Rhino. Never stop hitting birds and running errands. Next, to the JRG I leave my boppin’ taxi service and a lifetime supply of jello. To my whole SHACC family I leave my speaker fanny pack and the Seneca tree. Keep the spirit alive. To the class of 2018, I leave the Senior Give Back (Senior Thanks, not Senior Pranks). To the Exec Board I leave my everything. It’s a big legacy, but you all will top it. Lastly, to all of Sacred Heart, I leave Valkyrie Pride Days, ValkyrieBeat, my endless supply of costumes and spirit, and my apologies. Keep growing and make me proud in the years to come :).

Kylie Menish

To my little sister Madison, I will blasting Friday by Rebecca Black (almost) every Friday as well as kicking butt in senior assassin when the time comes. To Natalie Duggins I will my horrible punny jokes. Lastly, and to anyone who needs it, I will my strength to overcome the battles of an eating disorder and mental illness.

Grace Mock

To Emily Richardson: being the Trinity Theatre alpha female and remaining Bradford House girl, don’t forget to sign the theater ceiling next year, good luck with the parking lot, enjoy dressing room convos, the song “Everybody Hurts,” The List (!!!!!), and frantic jazz flute. To IB Diploma Girls: mental caffeine and motivation, good luck you guys can do it!

Lizzy Pass

I will to Maddie Pass and Ashley Young all of the fun and interesting carpool conversations that we have had in my car.

Emily Perrone

I leave the following: Shelby Arnett: I will you my amazing convergent media anchoring skills, 6th place track ribbons, my Heim diagnosed “plantar fasciitis”, car rides to LBC, and my love for SHA exec board. To Mary Helen Hill: I will you my 2004 Landcruiser and Holy Trinity carpool duty. To Leah Goldberg: I will you the desserts you leave on my desk during team. To Elizabeth Solomon: I will you the Student Advisory Board. To Coach P: I will you my snapchat.

Corrie Pfeiffer

I will my talent of making hype playlists to Gabby Floro and Ashley Young (#X). I will my love of Vines to Colleen Gates and Jennifer Osting. I will my Sacred Heart pride to all underclassmen. Live it up and stay woke.

Jordyn Priest

I will the pitch pipe to Junior Madrigal Jessica Tyson.

Katie Priest

To Emily Sipes I will the SHA dance candle. To Cassidy Beyer, I leave my SHA dance carpool- Have fun driving the children (please don’t crash)!! Ava Medley and Kat Beyer I leave a coke and french fries from Chick-fil-A. To Ella Hubbs, I will you an uber and a giant Mickey Mouse mascot. To the rising SHA dance seniors, I will the Pink and White coaching responsibility. To the entire SHA dance team, I leave behind tough practices, rewarding competitions, much needed teamwork, Lee’s passion, and Steph’s happy tap dance…I love all of you and will miss you! I will my tv studio table (and the pen) to Maggie Doheny. To Katie Kushner I leave you the smiles in the halls!

Caroline Puryear

I will my Angeline Style Guide to Jessica Smith, good luck in Yearbook II. I will the Rune, morning announcements, and multiple AP Style quizzes to Megan Bishop, Shelby Arnett, and Maggie Doheny. To Claire Esselman I will our British Isles “daily vlogs”. And to the whole school, I will the 2016-2017 Yearbook.

Abby Reburn

To Jessica Smith I will all of my yearbook work ethic, do me proud. To Claire Esselman and Alyssa Meiman I will all of our long run talks. To Ctaf I will all of those goofy ‘Vagers’ memories and the long bus rides in big red. And finally to the Cross Country team I will you the future of SHACC and the Seneca tree. Good luck. Thank you all for the memories, I love the SHACC sisters.

Caroline Scalzo

To SHA Art students, I will the viewing room in the art wing.

Sydney Schano

I will pole vault to sophomore Mikayla Crumbo.

Samantha Shellenberg

I will the care of the pugatti to Kiley Polk. I will Erin and I’s craziness to Cam B and Cara F! I will all the waterfalls in the world to Cass Amshoff. I will acting like a cat to Lexie Wagner. I will yearbook fun to Nina Piazza. I will 120s to all my SHAccer babies! I love you all :).

Nikki Sparling

I will the underclassmen Study Room 2 in the library the helpfullnes of Mrs. Franz and Mrs. Lenehan, and the swivel chair in the back corner that is perfect for studying.

Ellie Stigger

To SHA students, I hope you all become close to Ms. Julien and Ms. Lawson because they are some of the coolest teachers!

Meghan Strite

Elizabeth Solomon, I will goalie roasts, lots of footwork, and the cage to you. I also will the legendary sweatband tradition to you. Don’t let me down young grasshopper. Courtney Klein, I will my A1 ditch squad to you. Take are of the cage back there for me while I’m gone, I know you can :).

Audrey Tabor

I will all of my field hockey skills to Mattie Tabor because I know how badly she needs them #D1bound…I LOVE YOU!

Michelle Thornberry

To all the students who will never experience Mr. J as a teacher, and only a substitute, on my worst day he was the one to hand me a nutter butter. Too bad he won’t be there to hand you one, so I will this to you all instead. I will to all the underclassmen an endless supply of nutter butters for those days where time never seems to end and the homework is drowning.

Amelia Van Camp

To Jennifer Osting, I will my extra fried rice from first time to you, with a small queso.

Gabby Wadle

I will my spot in A Capella to Nora Sweeney. I will lane 5 at swim practice to Eliza Moorman. I will my awesomeness and parking spot to Alaina Eifler. I will my love of SHA to all current and future students.

Danielle Wethington

To Kiki Samsel: my corner in the locker room. To Heather Wethington: my wonderful reverse parking jobs. To Ashley Owen: my Valkyrie pride shirt:). To Drayden and Fran: Olive Garden.


Sacred Heart class of 2017, you will be missed.