Travels to Thailand


Senior Mckenna Schrage takes a ride in Thailand.

This spring break, a total of 15 Sacred Heart students and three teachers traveled to Thailand to be elephant caregivers and observers. The group left for Thailand on Saturday, April 1.

Senior Mckenna Schrage said “The time changes were rough but affected me more on the way home than on the way there. I am still trying to adjust to the 11 hour time difference.”

While in Thailand, the group got to experience a very different culture through different foods, activities, and people. They spent most of their time at an elephant conservatory in rural areas.

“For four days we got to ride elephants, swim with the elephants, take care of them, feed them, wash them, and observe them,” said junior Ashley Durik

The group of students and teachers also travelled to a major city, Chaing Mai, where they visited a 3D museum, went to a Buddhist temple, took a Thai boxing class and did many other cultural activities.

Schrage said, “there was a strong language barrier but everyone we met was kind and welcoming and willing to show us the importance of conservation and the Thai culture.”
The group left Thailand to return home on Sunday and arrived home Monday night. “Traveling home in total took 39 hours, which was crazy,” said Durik.

Overall, the group had an unforgettable spring break trip to Thailand with the rare opportunity of learning how to conserve and care for elephants.