Global Ambassadors from SHA


Jenna Hall

Seniors Nancy LoGuidice and Elena Quinones help lead the conference in a human rights simulation.

Katie Priest

Sunday March 26, 61 Sacred Heart students attended the 2017 Kentucky United Nations Assembly at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville. The three day event is a mock United Nations Assembly through the Kentucky YMCA. To represent their assigned country, students wear cultural attire the first night, participate in an international stage performance and create a global village display. KUNA allows high school students to create resolutions to solve a issue facing their nation, and debate those resolutions as an ambassador from their country.  KUNA also offers students the choice to participate in a specialized role. Students can also run for presiding officer positions and lead the conference the following year.

This year, Sacred Heart’s candidate for Secretary General was junior Jessica Julian.

Senior Nancy LoGuidice served as Deputy Secretary General. LoGuidice said, “As Deputy Secretary General I was able to spend my last debatable y conference running the show both behind the scenes and on stage. I feel so incredibly lucky to have been put on the KUNA 3 presiding officer team.”

Senior Elena Quinones served as President of Security Council. Seniors Maggie Cahill and Emma Landenwich participated in Security Council as well as juniors Rosemary Dong and Lucy Mathis.

Committee Chairs lead debate and enforce parliamentary procedure. Committee Chairs from SHA were seniors Annie Varghese and Sarah Graham. Both Committee Chairs advanced to preside over summits.

International Court of Justice included senior Gabby Kelley-Vasquez, junior Scarlett Attari and junior Gracie Gainer. With these participants, SHA won the Outstanding Advocate Team for ICJ. Attari said, “My team and I worked so hard to prepare for the conference and once we got there we worked really well together.”

Gabby Kelley-Vasquez earned the opportunity to defend the contentious case the last day, an opportunity that only two advocates receive. She successfully defended her side of the case. Kelley-Vasquez also was awarded Outstanding Advocate for ICJ.

Scarlett Attari was elected by the program and will serve as ICJ President at KUNA 2018. Attari said, “When my name was announced to be ICJ President my heart completely dropped. I was so surprised but super happy at the same time. The best part was seeing the rest of the SHA delegation super supportive and happy for me.”

Junior Jenna Hall worked on Media Corps throughout the conference.

Junior Cece Nielson won an Outstanding Ambassador award.

Sacred Heart represented Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands. SHA brought a resolution for each country. Sacred Heart’s resolution from Denmark was passed through summits and therefore considered passed through KUNA. It was also endorsed by the 2017 Secretary General, Lydia Mason.

SHA received an honorable mention for their Sweden Native Attire.

Sacred Heart received a Delegation of Excellence Award.