A Frigid and Fortunate Start to Track Season


Shelby Arnett, Staff Reporter

After a quick indoor track season, the Sacred Heart track and field time finally braced the cold to begin the outdoor season.

The Valkyries took to Christian Academy this past Saturday, Mar. 18 to compete in the first outdoor track meet of the season, Harry Greschel Invitational. The Valkyries ultimately finished in fourth place, providing a strong platform for the beginning of the track season.

Freshman Iaunia Pointer led the Valkyries in sprints, placing second in the 100 and 200 meter dash. Junior Shelby Arnett followed behind Pointer, placing sixth in both events.

In the hurdles events, junior Sally Pendleton took 14th place and junior Drayden Zaring placed 16th in the 100 meter hurdles. Both Valkyries ran in the 300 meter hurdles as well, Pendleton placing 13th and Zaring placing 16th.

Junior Natalie Ducas took third place in the 400 meter run with freshman Layni Lawton finishing in 19th place.

In the 800 meter run, sophomore Estelle Gabriel took seventh place with senior Isabelle Schafer and sophomore Katie Beckman trailing consecutively behind.

Junior Alyssa Meiman took eighth place in the 3200 meter run.

Junior Claire Esselman was the lone 1600 meter runner, placing 12th. Sophomore Emmie Jackson placed 18th.


Claire Esselman and Emmie Jackson are all smiles before running the 1600.











The Valkyries faced extreme wind and cold weather conditions on Saturday, but their spirits remained positive.

“Considering the weather, everyone ran strong and successfully,” said Esselman, “and even though it was tough to stay on pace with the wind, our teammates pushed through.”

When asked about the team’s goals for the season, Esselman said, “Our goal is not only to do well at state, but it is to become a stronger team all around as well. Our motto this year is ‘All In,’ and we’re focusing on living that out in practices and meets.”

As for field events, junior Cierrra Scott led the high jump in fourth place, and senior Sydney Schano was the runner-up in pole vault.

The Valkyries will race again on Saturday Mar. 25 at Boyle County. Follow @SHARunning and @sha_sports to stay updated on the track and field season.