Student-Run Play Brings Awareness to Domestic Violence


Anna Medley

Anna Medley

Elizabeth Carrigan, Staff Reporter

This Saturday, Feb. 24, support your fellow artistic Valkyries and a good cause by coming out to Sacred Heart seniors Anna Medley and Anna Burianek’s play, the Violence Ballet.

The Violence Ballet is an original drama written and directed by Medley and Burianek. The show focuses on the reality of domestic violence, how it affects every member of a family, and how to prevent this abuse. Because their play serves as their IB CAS project, Medley and Burianek will be donating all ticket sales to multiple charities focused on helping those who have experienced abuse.

“Anna and I have to complete a CAS project for IB Diploma and we have to benefit an international organization and cause,” Medley said. “So we decided to perform this play for the project, and it sort of spiraled into more than we even thought of.”

One unique aspect of the show is that it is solely run by students. From directing and acting to lighting and designing posters, Sacred Heart students from both visual and performing art programs have come together to lend their talents and bring awareness to domestic violence.

“We are so blessed to have such great talent in our midst and to be able to create this powerful art project as high schoolers,” Medley said. “I never would of thought that this project would spiral into what it is, and it is even more amazing since it is all student run.”

The show includes Medley and Burianek’s original 15 minute play, a modern dance choreographed by senior Emma Lucas and performed by several SHA students, a guest speaker, and poetry written and performed by senior Grace Mock.

The Violence Ballet will be performed at 4 pm and 7 pm this Saturday at the Alley Theater on W Main Street. Tickets are $8 and proceeds will go towards the United Nations Fund to End Violence Against Women and Center for Women and Families.