Ashley Moch “Strikes” At State Bowling Tournament


junior Ashley Moch

Megan Bishop, Opinions Editor

Winter break was quite eventful for Sacred Heart junior Ashley Moch. On Feb. 9, Moch traveled to Lexington, Ky to compete in the individual state bowling tournament. There, she faced a total of 32 competitors and placed 18th overall.

Moch had always loved bowling, but began to do it competitively when she was around 12 years old. Her father motivated her to get involved in the sport, and continues to push her in bowling today.

“He had been my only coach up until I got into high school, and we have always bowled together,”  Moch said.

After high school, Moch hopes to receive scholarships for collegiate bowling. Eventually, she hopes to continue to play in tournaments in her adulthood.

This season, Moch has averaged approximately 187 points in each tournament. Outside of the Sacred Heart bowling team, she averages approximately 190 points in each match.

Those on the SHA bowling team gave Moch an ample amount of support and love before she traveled to the state tournament. Being a part of the team is a decision Moch was glad she made.

“Even though our team is small, we are really close, and I am so glad I have been able to be apart of this team,” Moch said.

Sacred Heart is incredibly proud of Ashley Moch for her effort and dedication to bowling.