What Went Down at Catholic Schools Week


Shelby Arnett and Grace Lawler

National Catholic Schools Week is an annual celebration of the Catholic school education. This year’s Catholic Schools Week theme focuses on “Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service.” The week began on Friday Jan. 27 when Sacred Heart celebrated the Feast of St. Angela Merici at a school-wide liturgy with several Ursuline Sisters. Student Council members were given the opportunity to converse and eat lunch with the Ursuline Sisters after the liturgy.

Senior and Student Council member Camie Eichenberger felt grateful to have spent time with the Ursuline Sisters.

“We got to see a side of them that you wouldn’t expect,” said Eichenberger. “Speaking with them was extremely humbling and they inspired me to continue living out the core values.”

On Monday Jan. 30, the theme of service was the main focus for Parent Appreciation Day. Students passed out Dove chocolate hearts to parents in carpool lines and created posters of appreciation.

Seniors Mary Rose Raque and Katie Arnold smile for a photo before passing out chocolates to parents.

On Tuesday Jan. 31, service was again emphasized with Alumni Appreciation Day. All alumnae working at Sacred Heart received a dress down day, roses, and a gift from the campus store.

On Wednesday Feb. 1, Faculty Appreciation Day, the main focus was knowledge. Students set up a morning brunch for the faculty and teachers were drawn to receive gift carats.

On Thursday Feb. 2, Sacred Heart celebrated the themes of faith, service, and knowledge through Ursuline Sisters Appreciation Day. The Student Council Executive Board introduced Compassionate Leadership pins to the school community.

On Friday Feb. 3, Student Appreciation Day, students received a free dress day and were also entered into a drawing for free gift cards. Faith, revive, and knowledge were once again the focus. Students played Kahoot! games at lunch pertaining to their grade, creating a successful finish to Catholic Schools Week.

The Sacred Heart community improves through its teachers, staff, parents, alumni, volunteers and board members. It is through Catholic Schools Week that students continually grow from learners to leaders.