Pennies for Peru


Claire Ely

The SHA community takes on the Pennies for Peru challenge.

Claire Ely and Emily Perrone

During Catholic Schools Week, Jan. 30 – Feb. 3, Sacred Heart Academy is hosting Pennies for Peru, a fundraising competition between faculty, seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen to raise money for the Ursuline sister school and missionary, Santa Angela Merici in Callao, Peru.
Santa Angela Merici is currently lacking funds to support all their needs. Every grade and the faculty have a small bin in the cafeteria in which funds will be placed.
Any and all change counts towards the donator’s preferred bin, and dollar bills count against, creating a competition in which people “bomb” the competitors’ bins by giving them dollar bills. Friday, the bin with the highest amount of money, after adding and subtracting the coins and dollars, will win.
It is Sacred Heart’s mission to give as much as possible to our fellow Ursuline Sisters. This fundraiser is a great way to raise competition between the grades and faculty, while also raising money for an important cause. Good luck to all ladies participating.