Alums Give Advice On College Life


SHA Alums in the UAC (photo taken by Ms. Lauren Hitron)

Megan Bishop and Michelle Thornberry

Gathering in the Ursuline Arts Center on Jan. 4, 14 Sacred Heart alums spoke to juniors and seniors about life in college during the annual college panel.

College can be a stressful topic, especially to seniors. As college is rapidly approaching, it raises a variety of questions to many students. The alums answered questions given to them beforehand with as much information and personal experiences as possible.

One worry every new college student has is meeting new people. While it is easy to assume you are the only one feeling this way, some of the alums disagreed. Getting involved is the easiest way to make friends in college. Joining clubs, going to games, and other activities are great ways to meet people. Once you participate in things you enjoy, it opens you up to a number of people who share common interests as you.

“Don’t get too worked up about trying to meet new people. Everyone is in the same position, but go out and get involved,” said Emily Easterling, SHA ’16.

Easterling, now a freshman at Vanderbilt, went on to explain her “yes” method, which is saying “yes” to activities she had never done before. By trying new things, you are opening yourself to new experiences and developing new interests. It is important to study in college, but to also make memories and take advantage of opportunities given to you.

Another worry which many students choosing a college have is distance from home. Some students choose to go out of state, while others remain close to home. The decision as to which you should choose depends on how close you are willing to be. If you are worried about being to close to home, there are ways to feel more independent in college. Regardless of which university you choose, dorming offers the feeling of living on your own.

“The biggest pro about staying local is the networking,” said Maddi Harley, SHA ’14.

Harley went on to explain how it was easy to get acquainted at the University of Louisville because she had multiple SHA sisters with her. However, she expressed how she did not only stick to the friends she already had. Harley met new people by branching off of her friends and joining clubs at her college.

The final big worry new college students face is balancing a social life and classes. In college, you choose you schedule to fit your life. While learning to find a balance is difficult, it can be done eventually. One factor of which is picking manageable times for your classes.

“Make sure you don’t pick two back to back classes across campus,” said Beth Steiner, SHA ’16.

The alums finished the panel by answering questions from the audience. They gave very vital information that is sure to help juniors and seniors as they prepare for college.