Service Dogs Make A Visit To SHA


Megan Bishop and Grace Lawler

Friday Dec. 9, stressed SHA students enjoyed a cuddly treat during lunches. The connector was filled with therapy dogs of all breeds and ages for students to pet to relieve some stress.
Senior Emma Burnett helped coordinate the event along with the new C.I.A., Compassion In Action, an organization of teachers trying to improve students’ stress levels.

With the schoolwide review day, lunches were extended to 40 minutes. This allowed a perfect amount of time for students to meet the therapy dogs.

“The therapy dogs were awesome! They made me feel really happy and made me think less about finals week coming up!” junior Lucy Hubbs said.

The attempt at de-stressing the student body was a success, as many students were lining up to spend five minutes with the dogs. Some students even went to see the dogs multiple times.

“It really helped me calm down and take a step back from studying.” junior Scarlett Attari said.

This nice and enjoyable break from studying allowed the students to relax and rejuvenate before taking their exams. It is very important to do so, no matter how stressful exams may be. Relax, and remember you know more than you think.

Good luck on your midterms, Valkyries!