Seeing Double at SHA


|Allie Cease| Senior twins Emily and Allie Cease pose together at the junior ring ceremony.

Caroline Puryear and Lauren Eugenio

Sacred Heart Academy is home to hundreds of students who have found their identity within its walls- whether it be a hard worker, digital wiz, virtuoso, athlete, or even a twin. Many people believe they are seeing double when they notice the amount of twins that walk the hallway, which is is around 8 sets by the way. This number does not include the single set of triplets, senior sisters the Ivins, who are the first triplets to ever attend Sacred Heart together.

But what is it like to be a twin? Many times twins, or multiples, are mistaken as each other, mainly by teachers and friends. Although families usually have a way to differentiate both twins, sometimes it still gets challenging.

“My parents do it atleast once a week,” freshman Elizabeth Baumrucker said. “My friends at Sacred Heart at least once a day.”

Being a twin also has a defining impact on the personalities of each person. While having a sibling the same age might result in the two having similar personality traits, many twins use this as way to branch out and find complete opposite interests as their sibling. Although this is true in many cases, twins usually have the same friend group.

When The Rune met with seven set of twins at Sacred Heart, everyone agreed that the best part about having a twin was the companionship that came along with it. A twin is someone who is with you throughout your life, close to you in age, and someone you came tell anything to.

“It’s basically your built-in best friend,” junior Shelby Arnett said. “It’s someone you can always go to because they aren’t just your sister but your best friend.”

Indeed, there is a significant difference between a  relationship with a sibling and a twin. A key factor of this plays into age difference and maturity. Being a twin allows you to have someone your exact age and life experiences to talk to. Looking past that, though, twins also have a sense of sharing that normal siblings do not, since they grew up at the exact same time.

“In a way we have shaped each other’s interests,” freshman Nell Rydzewski said. “Constantly having someone to either break you or reflect your opinion.”

Twins usually run in the family, too. Although in some cases there will only be one set of twins in a family, more times than not twins are a common occurrence in the family. There is an increased chance of being a twin if either your mother or a member of your mother’s family was a twin or a multiple.

“Our mom’s brothers are twins and our grandfather had two sets of twin siblings,” senior Sarah Ivins said. “ Oh, and we have (third) cousins who are triplets.”

The Rune had a great time learning about what it is like to be a twin. Check out the video below to learn more about some of the twins around Sacred Heart!

Who knows Who: Twin Edition.: