Valkyrie Cheerleaders


Sacred Heart Cheerleaders at Bluegrass Regionals in Lexington, Kentucky.

Lauren Eugenio and Christian Davis

Sacred Heart Valkyrie cheerleaders have had an exciting season so far. This year, former University of Kentucky cheerleader Ryan Heinrich has coached the team to become very successful this year. SHA cheerleaders placed fourth in regionals. They also qualified for nationals at Bluegrass Regionals in Lexington.

They will be competing in UCA nationals in February. This competition is held in Orlando, Florida. To prepare for this competition, sophomore Maddie Livendale says they will be, “working on harder skills to up our routine as well as perfecting every aspect of our routine.”

SHA cheerleaders plan to redeem themselves at nationals this year, not having gone in the past few years. We are proud to cheer on our Valkyries as they continue their season.