Recap of the 2016 Valkyries of the Month


senior Claire Hilbrecht, senior Ryan Gahm, and senior Sarah Buse

Camie Eichenberger and Claire Ely

The Valkyrie of the Month is an award given to a student who is an excellent role model and shows true Valkyrie passion in school and in extracurriculars. The students are nominated by teachers who believe they exemplify these characteristics. The Valkyrie is nominated in the preceding month so the following month is dedicated to the student and her hard work.

For the first semester of the 2016-2017 school year, three girls were awarded Valkyrie of the Month for the months of October, November, and December.

The October Valkyrie of the month was senior Sarah Buse. She is extremely kind and welcoming to everyone, and gives her best effort in all that she does. She is soccer team captain and the only National Merit Finalist at Sacred Heart this year. She plans to continue her soccer career at the University of Alabama Birmingham.

The November Valkyrie of the month was senior Ryan Gahm. She does everything with a positive attitude and is a true leader at Sacred Heart. Ryan is am Ambassador, lacrosse team member, NHS member, and participates in many other clubs and extracurriculars. She exemplifies what it means to be a true Valkyrie by being a role model for all students.

The December Valkyrie of the month was senior Claire Hilbrecht. She is an intelligent and dedicated student who is always ready and willing to help her classmates. She has a positive and welcoming demeanor at Sacred Heart, and she is respectful of her teachers and peers. Claire works hard in all that she does.

“Winning Valkyrie of the month meant a lot to me,” senior Ryan Gahm said. “I heard about it when I was on retreat so it was really special.”

Congratulations to these Valkyries! Stay tuned to see the Valkries of the month for second semester.