Student Advisory Board


Emily Perrone and Camie Eichenberger

Many students are unaware of what is known as “SAB,” or the Student Advisory Board at Sacred Heart Academy.

The SAB is a student run club, with one elected president and fifteen selected board members from eight different categories; athletics, service, theatre, academics, seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.

During the school year, the SAB meets twice a month, once as a board and once with the school administration. At SAB member meetings, students discuss areas for improvement throughout SHA. During meetings with the administration, members bring their ideas to the table to work on making changes in the school. Suggestions and requests are received by all members of the SHA community.

When asked about her role as a board member, senior Emily Azzara said, “I think being a member of SAB is important, because it is up to us to better the school as a whole and address the needs of the students.”

To deliver a suggestion or request, contact senior President Emily Perrone at [email protected]