Service Hours Deadlines


Christian Davis and Maggie Doheny

Deadlines for service hours are coming up fast. Thursday, Dec. 1, freshmen and sophomores can have eight hours completed while juniors and seniors can have 12 hours. This deadline has now been made optional for all grades. However, it is a great opportunity to help bring your religion grade up. In order to receive credit, a picture of the service sheet needs to be submitted to Schoology.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind while doing service: always check to make sure there is a signature for each time you volunteer and do not forget to include the date and number of hours you completed during each visit.

As a reminder, the next two checkpoints are Feb. 20 and March 30. Freshmen and sophomores must have 20 hours. 10 hours must be outreach, but you may have 10 hours of inreach. Inreach is services provided to schools or churches. Outreach is services provided to outside agencies. Juniors and seniors must have 25 hours -outreach only- completed by the last checkpoint.