That’s A Wrap On The CAC Gift Drive

Megan Bishop, Staff Reporter

On Oct. 31, the CAC, or Community Awareness Committee, began their annual Appalachian Gift Drive. They asked the Sacred Heart community to bring in hats, gloves, toys, perfumes/colognes, etc. for the children and teens of Kermit, West Virginia.

The drive lasted until Nov. 11, after getting it extended another week in order to achieve our campus goal of 1,700 gifts. The CAC still asked for the same gifts, while also accepting $10 donations to buy more gifts.

Once the drive ended, the totals surpassed the original goals set for the school.

“Sacred Heart raised 2,743 gifts and raised over $1,600,” said Mary Rose Raque, CAC President.

Members of the CAC went to deliver the gifts from Nov. 14-15 in Kermit, WV. They unloaded the truck full of gifts and played with the children there.

“We decorated pumpkins with them to look like turkeys,” said Grace Lawler, a member of CAC.

The gifts donated by the Sacred Heart community will give the children of Kermit a very merry Christmas. Thank you for donating gifts!