Flag Football Teams Enjoy Fun-Filled Season


Lilly Deljoo Members of No Punt Intended show off their jerseys.

Christian Davis and Caroline Puryear

On Oct. 31, Sacred Heart’s flag football club put a wrap on their regular season, competing in one final game.

The club, organized by science teacher Jesse Harrod, consisted of three main teams that competed in after school flag football games throughout the months of September and October. Teams were formed based on player’s own choosings and a team captain was chosen to orchestrate plays. This year’s teams were The Dream Team, Stains, and No Punt Intended.

The three teams competed in the SFL Tournament on Nov. 7 where The Dream Team were crowned champions with the runner-ups being No Punt Intended.

“My favorite moment of the season was how my team never had any actual plays, we just showed up and played each time,” senior Emma Burnett said. “It was really awesome to win the championship because it was great winning our senior year.”

When it came to their reason for joining, participants did not hesitate to confess their love for the club. Many players agreed that it offered new opportunities to bond with friends, while others put emphasis on how the club opens up flag football to all grades, giving students a chance to get involved in the sport throughout their SHA careers, not just for the Pink and White Game.

“My favorite part of participating in flag football is getting to exercise and to try something new with my friends,” sophomore Lilly Deljoo (No Punt Intended) said.