Teachers Trail in Turkey Bowl


Katie Arnold and Emily Perrone, News Reporter

On Tuesday at Sacred Heart before Thanksgiving Break, the students barely pulled off the Turkey Bowl win against the teachers.

The volleyball game consisted of two 15 minute halves with the cheer and dance teams performing at half.

The teachers started off strong with an ace from Mr. Harrod, but neither team got more than a three point lead during the entire first half. After lots of back and forth, the first half ended tied at 22 all.

After amazing performances from the cheer and dance teams, the second half was kicked off.

The seniors started off with a 9-1 run, taking the biggest lead of the game. The teachers subbed in principal Ms. McCoy, who got her serve over! After an illegal sub of volleyball coach Mr. Versen, the teachers were pulled back into the game only trailing three points. After some more back and forth, they slowly edge their way back into the game and tie it at 45.

There was a minute added to the clock allowing the volleyball seniors to play. The seniors clinch the win with a score of 51 to 49 where a dog pile of seniors proceeded.

Although volleyball season and the Turkey Bowl may be over, winter sports at SHA are starting soon.