Turkey Bowl Teaser


Katie Arnold and Emily Perrone

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving is known to be the home of the annual Turkey Bowl, a volleyball match where the seniors take on the teachers. The rest of the the school gathers in the gym to watch the show down.

This year the students are ready to put up a fight. With eight former Valkyrie volleyball players, they believe they can dominate the teachers.

Senior Sarah Sprigg says, “I think we will absolutely crush the teachers. Honestly, I feel bad for them. They probably won’t get past 10 points.”

Sprigg was a Valkyrie volleyball player her freshman year and has wanted to participate in this match since her sophomore year when she stopped playing competitively.

Another Turkey bowl player, Katy Hearing, has wanted to participate since freshman year. She played volleyball throughout grade school and is ready to bring back her glory days.

Hearing said, “After I was chosen, I was so excited to be able to play with other seniors against the teachers to have a lot of fun and bond together.”

On the other hand, the team is full of players with little experience. Senior Grace Lawler said “My only volleyball experience was i gym class with Mr. Heim sophomore year. I’m in no way good at.”

Although lacking experience, Lawler said “This year I’ve been more involved and decided I wanted to do it after taking photos of the varsity volleyball team. I’m without a doubt going to embarrass myself, but in the end it’ll be worth it.”

All students, even those not playing are excited to witness this years Turkey Bowl. No matter the results of the game, it is a fun way to kick off Thanksgiving Break for the students and teachers.