42nd Street to Success

’42nd Street’ Closes Out Two-Week Run at the UAC


Techs from 42nd Street take a break from their behind the scenes work to pose for a quick pic.

Kylie Menish, Staff Reporter

If you didn’t see Sacred Heart’s production of 42nd Street you missed out.

The two week long show ended last Saturday with a sold out arena. The production highlighted dancing, lighting, and fabulous costumes.  The dancers are who the audience sees, but it is the techs who really set the stage.

What is a tech? Techs are the students who work behind the scenes. They create costumes, paint sets, style hair and makeup, and they are the ones who keep the show rolling from behind the curtain. Often forgot about, they play a large roll in the production.

Why would you want to be a tech?

According to junior, Tyece Shelton, “It’s a great way to play a roll in the arts without actually being on stage.”

Junior, Natalie Duggins said, ” I decided I didn’t want to just do sports. It’s my way of branching out and meeting new people I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know without this.”

“Its a fun way to get involved” said senior, Erin Ball. “You have the chance one more time this year to get involved next semester through the production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Don’t miss this opportunity!”

Stay tuned for Jesus Christ Superstar auditions in January.  Interested in being a tech, email [email protected].