Hammons’ Hits


Emily Perrone, Staff Reporter

Paige Hammons, a four-year varsity volleyball player, has left her mark on Sacred Heart Academy with her success on the court. Hammons was a starting freshman, committed as a sophomore to the University of Florida, played on the Junior Olympic team, was a senior captain, won state, was named state tournament MVP, and took the title of Miss Kentucky Volleyball.

As a team captain, Paige was in charge of preparing the volleyball team before they took on the state championship.

“As a captain I always want to prepare my team to not be nervous and to give it everything they have. I think we all came together as a team to achieve the goal we wanted.” Hammons said.

Hammons prepared her team just as she had hoped. Being an outside hitter, she led SHA to a 40-4 season, dominating major tournaments such as the Louisville Invitational Volleyball Tournament and the Nike Tournament of Champions in Phoenix, Arizona. Sacred Heart is currently ranked No.1 in the state of Kentucky, and No.3 in the United States.

In her four years on varsity, she had a total of 223 sets played, 1026 kills, 126 blocks, 529 digs, and 68 aces. Hammons is ranked individually as the No.7 recruit in the United States.

For Paige, a major success was winning state.

“Winning state was so exciting. Working towards a goal for four years and finally succeeding is honestly the best feeling. I do not think I will ever be more proud of a team.” Hammons said.

Paige finished her senior year at an all time high, receiving the individual Miss Kentucky Volleyball award.

“It feels great. Miss Kentucky volleyball has always been a dream of mine and I am so excited that it has come true. I have always wanted to leave my mark on Sacred Heart somehow and a banner in the gym is a great way.” Hammons said.

Paige is the first student at SHA to receive this award, and will have an individual banner hung with her name in the gym, along with the 2016 state championship banner for the team.

Paige will continue her volleyball career at the University of Florida, being the only freshman on the team in the 2017-2018 season. Florida is currently ranked No.4 in the country.

“I am so excited to go to Florida. My hope is that I come in as a freshman and start and play. I want to keep working towards that,” Hammons said. “Farther in the future, I want to work towards going to the Olympics, but I have a while until that so I will just keep working and get better.”