7 Way to Stay Thankful (and Stress-Free) on Thanksgiving

Staying stress-free over Thanksgiving will help you to be more grateful and thankful!

Photo by Ginny | CC BY-SA 2.0

Staying stress-free over Thanksgiving will help you to be more grateful and thankful!

Shelby Arnett, Staff Reporter

While on Thanksgiving Break, gratitude fills the air as family comes together to celebrate one another’s company. Though Thanksgiving consists of a positive atmosphere, sometimes the stress of hosting a dinner for 20  family members can be overwhelming. In order to refrain from that stress, here are seven ways to positively embrace the Thanksgiving holiday in Louisville.

1. Football. Before, after, or during the highly anticipated Thanksgiving dinner, there is always an opportunity to watch or play football with beloved relatives.

2. Watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s not every day where animated characters float through the air and pop stars sing their top hits throughout New York City. This is a great way to gather your family together and discuss favorite floats and celebrities on television.

3. See a movie. A great variety of movies are released over Thanksgiving Break for families to get out of the house and relax in a quiet theater before tackling the Thanksgiving festivities.

4. Reconnect. Family is important, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to catch up with out of town relatives over the holiday.

5. Participate in a Thanksgiving Day walk/run. Want to burn some calories before chowing down on stuffing and turkey? The Turkey Trot is among one of the most popular road races in town on the morning of Thanksgiving, and an abundance of individuals participate.

6. Nap. Though the break is a time to spend time with family, this also provides the opportunity to catch up on sleep.

7. Black Friday shopping. Searching for the best sales at the most popular stores will crelate exciting memories to look back on during future Thanksgivings.

These seven ideas to stray from Thanksgiving stress will strengthen relationships between friends and family members and promote a positive atmosphere for all.