Look at Me!

Lookism Assembly Small Group

Lookism Assembly Small Group

Michelle Thornberry, Co-Opinions Editor

This past week on Thursday Nov. 3, the annual Lookism Assembly for the freshman class took place. The purpose of this assembly is to unite the class, and to get the girls to look past what is only seen on the surface.

The freshman were split up into small groups composed of girls in different TEAM rooms to make the groups as random and diverse as possible. During this small group time the freshman were asked a series of questions on things they preferred. While a girl would choose one option, a peer might have convinced her to change her mind. This action occurred more than once, and it was the purpose of the exercise. Once this activity was finished, a Dove campaign commercial was played on “choosing beautiful.”

After this video was shown, there were a series of questions given for the girls to reflect on. Leaders of several groups also dressed up as common stereotypes: preppy, emo, artsy, nerd, and sporty.  A series of questions were read to the freshman while group leaders walked around the gym showing off their get-ups.

Who is she? What type of music does she listen to? What grades does she get?

The freshman may have had a pre-conceived judgement of the girl dressed up, but many of them were proven wrong. As the final leader sat down, one last video was shown.

This video left the freshman speechless until the final activity. A stack of blue and orange papers were passed around for the girls to take one of each. On the blue sheet of paper the girls were asked to write a time they had been a victim of lookism, and on the other sheet, a time where they have judged someone based off of their looks. These notes and comments were completely anonymous, then put into a pile to be drawn at random and read aloud. After reading the comments aloud, the girls were asked how it felt read them. In the sending off the freshman discussed what they will do to make their class closer, and ways they will steer away from lookism. A closer bond between the girls was present when the assembly came to a close. This is a tradition Sacred Heart will continue on for many years to come.

The lookism assembly is all possible due to the Diversity Club. Join the Diversity Club if you are interested in helping with further assemblies!