Catching Up on the Campaign Trail


Juniors Nora Sweeney, Caroline Bosler, and Kate Bruns pose for a photo at a campaign event.

Katie Priest, Photo Editor

Sacred Heart juniors Caroline Bosler, Kate Bruns, Ashleigh Cook and Nora Sweeney are interning on Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s campaign.

In March of 2016, after applying and being interviewed, these four Sacred Heart juniors received an internship to work for Senator Paul’s campaign.

The Rune caught up with the juniors during the final week of the election. As interns, the students answer calls, contact potential voters, take inventory, attend and assist political campaign events and research information about Kentucky citizens.

Sweeney said, “We go into the Louisville Headquarters 2-3 times a week for a few hours after school, and we assist at events on the weekends.”

Cook added, “During the summer I did about 25-30 hours a week, excluding additional events and Fancy Farm, a three-day event in Mayfield (KY).”

These SHA students are generally interested in politics, but this is their first time directly participating in a political campaign. It is an unpaid internship, but all four agree that it is a great experience.

“I’ve made connections with prominent political leaders and campaign workers. I’m seventeen and during school I’ll be receiving emails from people in the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. I made this happen by myself, because I’m driven, passionate and don’t want to fit the mold of being a ‘lazy and politically inactive millennial’,” said Bosler.

All four students recommend interning on a political campaign to anyone who has the opportunity.

Bruns said, “I would definitely recommend this to other girls because it’s cool to see how political campaigns look from the inside…it’s important for girls to know how government works.”

Regarding what she learned through the internship, Cook said, “Although this has been a rather unsettling election season, the work put behind each politician’s campaign is immense. There is so much going on behind the scenes that the public doesn’t see or acknowledge. So whether it be state politics or the presidential election, understand there are dozens and dozens of people working hard for what they believe in, and who they believe in.”

Sweeney added, “Every girl that is able to vote, VOTE! Your vote matters!”