CAC Gift Drive Kicks Off Holiday Season


Eleanor Hinkebein promoting the CAC Gift Drive on Sacred Heart’s campus.

Katie Priest and Maggie Doheny

Each year, all the Sacred Heart schools participate in a campus wide gift drive known as the CAC Gift Drive.

Sr. Janet said, “It’s become a tradition.”

The CAC Gift Drive was started by Ursuline sisters, Sr. Janet Marie and Sr. Brendan Conlon.

“We had a box of sort of trashy toys, they were really not nice, and people kept asking if they could see if they could find something for their kids and they also came and asked if we had food for Christmas,” said Sr. Brendan. “We didn’t know where we were going to get the toys because we didn’t even know anyone down there yet, Janet is always good with ideas and thought of calling Sacred Heart.”

Members of the Community Awareness Committee (CAC) host this drive and participate in a mission trip to Appalachia once the drive is concluded. On their mission trip they deliver the gifts to Kermit, West Virginia.

Sr. Janet said, “The young women bring a lot of excitement and energy, and that’s one of my favorite parts.”

The gifts will benefit not only the residents of Kermit, but people in surrounding impoverished areas who struggle throughout the year, especially during the holiday season.

Sr. Brendan said, “They have remarked to me that if it weren’t for this, they wouldn’t have any Christmas for their kids.”

The gift drive runs from Oct. 31- Nov. 7. Gifts should be for boys and girls of all ages, however, Sacred Heart Academy is primarily focusing on gifts for teenagers this year.

There will be a contest between TEAM rooms during the drive. Once the drive is over, the TEAM with the most gifts will receive Panera bagels for their team and 15 spirit cup points for their grade.