The Best Haunted Hangouts in Louisville


Two actors from Baxter Avenue Morgue pose for a photo.

Kylie Menish, Reporter

Haunted houses are without a doubt a favorite thing to do during the Halloween season. In Louisville there are so many of them it can be hard to pick which one to go to. Interested in a thrill or a scare this Halloween season?  Read more about the best haunted hangouts in Louisville.

 Baxter Avenue Morgue

The drive to the haunted house was considerably short and there was a lot of parking space which was nice. The set up outside was a little odd, from the parking lot you walked to the exit of the haunted house. But to actually get into the house you have to walk around the building to the front. The cost was $20 per person, which isn’t horrible compared to other haunted houses. The wait time for entry was about 25 minutes which was long considering the small amount of people that were there. The haunted house itself wasn’t the best.


Field of Screams

The drive was about 50 minutes away, so this has to be more of a planned event. When you get there, there are two different packages you can buy. One is $35 and includes the Hayride to Hell, Field of Screams and an additional haunted house and the other package, at $25, is for Field of Screams only. I chose the $35 package and if I could do it again, I would have gone with the smaller package. The Hayride to Hell was more annoying than scary.

The bulk of our time there was spent in the Field of Screams which lasted anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Overall we were there two and a half hours. The wait time wasn’t bad. If you buy the large package it’s split into three parts, which means you wait three different times. None of our wait times were over 15 minutes, which I thought was awesome. It was clearly a well planned out Haunted House, definitely the best set up of all the haunted houses I visited.


Devil’s Attic

The drive was about 25 minutes, which seemed to be the average time. Wait time was 45 minutes and tickets cost $25 per person. While waiting outside they had people come up and mess with you, which was fun. The haunted house lasted only 15 minutes which was horribly short compared to Field Of Screams. Overall I wasn’t that scared. The props weren’t that nice and actors were only decent. It really felt like the same thing over and over again. Out of all the haunted houses, this one was the worst.


 Haunted Hotel

This was about a 25 minute drive which was not too bad. Parking was a nightmare, and I ended up having to pay $5 to park at a nearby convenient store. The tickets were $25 for general admission and $35 for VIP, which basically meant you get to cut everyone and go in. If the line is long I HIGHLY recommend you do the VIP. I went for the general admission, getting there at 10 p.m., and didn’t get into the haunted house until 1:15 a.m. I had to convince my friends to stay because the wait was so horrible. However, the house itself was hands down the best one I’ve been to. The effects they used were incredible and the actors were amazing. I tend to be the one in the front that everyone holds onto but I found myself being scared. The thing is, it’s hard to remember that when the wait is so long. It’s safe to say me coming home at 2:15 a.m. didn’t make my mom the happiest camper, and now I’m grounded over fall break. So if you find yourself there with a long line, the extra $10 are so worth it.


Overall, I found there were many factors to take into account when judging the haunted houses. The scarier ones tended to have longer waits or were a little pricier. It depends really on what you’re looking for. In my opinion, Haunted Hotel won hands down, but I challenge you to find what you think the best haunted house is in Louisville.