A “Priceless” Interview ft. Joel Smallbone


Michelle Thornberry

Lauren Eugenio and Joel Smallbone

Lauren Eugenio and Michelle Thornberry

Webster Dictionary defines priceless as “so precious that its value cannot be determined.”

Joel Smallbone, lead singer of the Christian band For King and Country, defines priceless as “beyond measure, you can not put a tag on it.”

The new film Priceless highlights the horrors of human trafficking. The movie features Smallbone along with FK&C’s hit song “Priceless” and was released nation wide on Oct. 14, 2016, in select theaters.

The band went movie tour to promote the film and spread awareness on sex trafficking. FK&C visited  Cinemark Stonybrook theater in Louisville, on Oct. 17.

During the event, The Rune had an amazing opportunity  to interview Smallbone along with his brother and band mate Luke Smallbone.

Joel was kind enough to let us ask a few questions about the film and his role as ‘James’.

When discussing The END IT Movement you could truly tell that they are kindred spirits about this topic. The film Priceless was eye opening and took you on an emotional journey through the lens. The film features a broken down ballad version of their hit song “Priceless” as well, this just added more context and feeling to the film. Not only does the film cover the social injustice of sex trafficking, it also covers the faithful journey that the characters endured.

Check out the trailer here: