Friendly Fun at Freshman Field Day


TEAM 305 smiles for a photo before beginning Freshman Field Day.

Shelby Arnett, Staff Reporter

Freshman year is all about making new memories, stepping out of one’s comfort zone, and building community. The freshmen at Sacred Heart Academy did just that when they experienced Freshman Field Day.

This Thursday Oct. 12, Sacred Heart freshmen took Horton Field to participate in the annual Freshman Field Day. Uniting the Valkyries as each freshman TEAM competes against one another in various costume contests, games, and team competitions.

Prior to beginning the activities, freshmen reflected on what they were most looking forward to during field day.

“I’m most excited for the fun games to play and bonding with our classmates,” freshman Bailey Hostutler said.

Freshman Field Day provides another opportunity for Valkyries to make new friends when working together to complete different challenges.

“My TEAM’s color was pink,” Hostutler said, “and we dressed up like cotton candy. Creating the costumes was fun, but seeing the way it turned out was even better.”

Freshman Emma Gravatte, ecstatic about her first year at SHA, wanted “to get to know different girls and bond with classmates” at Freshman Field Day.

After Freshman Field Day ended, Valkyries left Sacred Heart talking about their favorite part of the day.

“I liked the costumes and cheering the best. My TEAM got third place and we’re very proud of ourselves,” freshman Daphne Johnson said.

Freshman Field Day is a tradition the Valkyries will always look forward to as they continue on at SHA, as they are given the opportunity to strengthen more friendships through field days each year.