Not Clowning Around



Reports of clowns terrorizing the country reaches Kentucky. | Photo by ☆eight☆; CC BY-NC 2.0

Christian Davis, Staff Reporter

Some people’s worst nightmares may be coming true.

Recently, clowns have been spotted hiding in forests and parks around the United States. Several videos have been circulating on social media of the clowns. In some videos,  they have weapons. Reports say that people have been chased with knives and guns, and dragged into the woods.

There have been several reports of clowns harassing people around Louisville.

“I saw pictures of clowns in the parking lot at the St.X/Trinity game,” said freshman Allie Cornett.

Schools in Jefferson County have been affected by the clown phenomenon.  On Sept. 28, Farnsley Middle School and Moore High School were on lock down because of clown-related threats and photographs on social media. Further investigation is still occurring.

Police reports indicate that one clown-related arrest has been made in southern Kentucky.

Local police suggest to avoid wooded areas at night by yourself and to be aware of your surroundings.